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Seniors Are Using Technology.

Now’s the Time To Optimize Your Digital Presence.

Connect. Engage. Convert.

Based on the findings of our November 2021 survey, SageAge has strategy-changing insights into Seniors and Technology. Complete the form to access the whitepaper.

We know where they are.
We know which devices they’re using.
We know which search engines, social media channels and sites they prefer.

Now’s the time to put our data to work for you. We can help optimize your digital presence, integrate our findings into your marketing mix, and connect with seniors online.

Mobile-Responsive Sites

Seniors are primarily using smartphones to surf the web. How mobile responsive and user-friendly are your website and other digital strategies? If a senior can’t easily navigate or read your site, they won’t stay on your site.

Social Media

Seniors are social! Our data shows the most-used social media platforms are Facebook and YouTube.

Put them to work for you.

With the right tactics in the right place, you can connect with seniors on social media, engage them with your stories, videos, photos and posts, drive them to your website, and convert them to sales.

Optimize Your Digital Presence. Increase Engagement. Drive Conversions.

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