Market Research

Over the years, SageAge has become a trusted partner of market research services in the senior living industry. This is not only because we deliver quality data, but because we have earned a reputation for accurate market data and assessments, complemented by expert recommendations that lead to successful organizational growth or development. As market research consultants, we believe our job is to provide our client-partners with the information and data they require to make the most effective decisions possible. When your community or project is successful, we are successful.

Market Feasibility & Competitive Assessment

Consumer Research

Customer Analysis & Identification

Market Feasibility & Demand Analysis

At SageAge, we look at market demand a little differently than typical market research firms. Because we know and intimately understand the senior living industry, as well as work side by side with operators to help pre-market and fill new development projects, we are able to apply this real-world knowledge to our demand assumptions and approaches, providing our client-partners with both realistic and reliable demand results.

We also take our demand calculations one step further than most firms, by assessing demand at a variety of price points to test fee sensitivity in the marketplace. The benefit of this approach is that it allows us to see where the breaks in the market happen with regards to pricing and, in turn, make the soundest unit mix and pricing recommendations to our client-partners for their projects.

So whether you have identified a piece of land or a specific area and want to better understand the opportunity, want to confirm a previous market study that was completed for you, or if you are looking for detailed project and pricing recommendations based upon the competitive landscape and market demands, our phased feasibility and demand analysis studies allow you to choose the study type that is right for you at the stage of the planning process that you are in. Here is an overview of these options:

  • Market Demand Overview – This mini-study provides a “demand snapshot” in the marketplace and includes identification of the primary market area, raw demographic data, a review of competitive units in the marketplace and demand calculations. This is a great option for those looking to confirm market demand or just better understand demand in a market before investing in a full feasibility study.
  • Desktop Market Feasibility Analysis – This comprehensive feasibility study expands on the Market Demand Overview and provides an in-depth analysis of the demographics and competitive landscape of the marketplace, as well as a more detailed demand analysis, and delivers a report that is ample for project financing and/or potential partner review.
  • In-Market Analysis & Product Determination – This third phase of our market feasibility works takes our Market Feasibility Analysis one step further and provides an in-person assessment of all key competitive communities in a market, allowing us to better understand the competitive marketplace and determine where the proposed project best “fits” with regards to product and pricing. The recommendations that come from this report include guidance pertaining to total units, unit mix, square footage, pricing, services and amenities.

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Preliminary Market Identification

Are you interested in developing senior living communities or expanding your current portfolio but unsure of what markets to explore? Our Preliminary Market Identification report will assess the depth of the qualified target market for your proposed product type – by city, county or even by state – to determine potential areas of interest. We then delve further into these markets to better understand the competitive set and determine if market saturation has been reached.

From this analysis work, we are able to detail specific markets/ZIP Codes with opportunity for new development for particular product types that allow you to start on the search for the perfect site for your next development project!

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Mystery Shopping

We offer custom telephone and in-person mystery shop services – all completed by people who know and understand the senior living industry. Our shops provide you with the details you need to see how your salespeople and community stack up against the competition.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis involves more than simply identifying your competitors and gathering data. It is a formal, dynamic process that assesses competitors’ capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, activities and behaviors to support and improve your decision making. Our competitive analysis services provide you with essential information for strategic planning, marketing, pricing, advertising, mergers, acquisitions and new product development.

An in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, as well as your own organization, is an essential ingredient for optimizing your own brand equity and performance in the marketplace. As a key component of the strategic planning process, our competitive analysis and mystery shopping services provide you with the market intelligence you need to mitigate competitive threats, institute counter-measures, identify opportunities to use competitor shortcomings to your advantage, strengthen your own business processes and meet unfulfilled needs in the marketplace.

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Savvy organizations across all industries utilize surveys to gain valuable insights and information from their target audience. It is the most reliable method to get real feedback from your target group and offers a way to gather hard data on people’s opinions and behaviors. From new product testing or evaluating perceptions of the market with regards to senior living and future care needs to determining employee or resident satisfaction, surveys can provide valuable insights and information that can be essential to the decision-making process. But more than that, surveys can also be conducted as a method for lead generation.
At SageAge, we have experience conducting a variety of surveys including:

  • Consumer preferences/lead generation
  • New product testing
  • Community needs assessment
  • CoreQ surveys – qualified provider
  • Resident & family satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Lead engagement surveys – quizzes for fun, etc.
  • Post-tour surveys

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Focus Group

When we are engaged to complete focus group efforts for our client partners – whether it be to understand the current position and perceptions of a community, as research behind brand strategy, to gather resident feedback, or to test potential new product offerings – our primary focus is on gathering the right participants and asking the right questions to obtain the information that is essential to accomplishing the goals of the sessions. We oversee the entire focus group process from session planning, generating participation and venue coordination to the actual implementation and moderation of the focus groups.

the actual implementation and moderation of the focus groups.

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Mail List Analysis

Before you order another mail list, we help you analyze your current mail list geography and qualifications to ensure you are mailing to areas and audiences that actually generate leads and move-ins. We review your current mail list in relation to recent lead and move-in data and provide you with recommendations for more targeted direct mail efforts.

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Target Audience Mapping

Our mapping services allow you to identify the locations of your target audience (seniors and adult children alike) across your primary market area and beyond. We provide you with a visual of how your site or community fits in relation to the concentrations of your target audience, competition and key businesses and/or services in your market.

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Database Append

Get the more detailed information your database is not telling you! From marital status, income and home value to how long they have lived in their current home and if they own or rent, we expand your database records and provide the detail you need to make informed decisions about your true target market.

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Buyer Analysis

When we are engaged to complete focus group efforts for our client partners – whether it be to understand the Once you’ve appended your database, we then take it one step further and analyze this information to create a custom buyer profile that will allow you to more precisely target individuals of a similar type through your marketing efforts.

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Market Segmentation

Using the Claritas/Nielsen Prizm™ segmentation system, we determine the most common segments in which your current customers fall based upon their demographics and behavioral patterns. Then we work to identify additional geographic areas with the highest concentrations of these segments for you to target.

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