SageAge Strategies excels in identifying, creating and communicating key messages that resonate most effectively and compellingly with your target audience. Our multiple award-winning Creative Strategy and Design team combines art with science by shaping their beautiful creative work with evidence-based market information that details the needs, problems, expectations and preferences of the consumers you want to reach. Our creative team utilizes the key messages identified and presents them in the most compelling and visually appealing manner possible to break through the clutter and ensure your message is seen, read, retained and acted upon.

Our Creative Strategy and Design team excels in helping our client-partners “connect” with seniors and their adult children through customized newsletters, advertising, collateral materials, web designs and public events to bring you and your target audience closer together – and all designed to increase the level of familiarity and comfort with your facilities, your people, your services and your brand’s value proposition. The hallmarks of our signature web design architecture are striking visuals, compelling messaging and intuitive layouts. When it comes to lead generation, our experienced creative team delivers captivating and persuasive messages that compel prospects to take action.

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SageAge Strategies’ Technology and Online Marketing team, winners of multiple International Web Health Awards, creates an online presence that reflects the best qualities of your organization and presents you with distinction in an increasingly discerning and competitive world. They put your best foot forward and tell your story in attractive, compelling and meaningful ways through words and visuals that engage and motivate your target audience. Our comprehensive audit and assessment process will enable you to see what’s working, what can be improved or added and what’s not working in order to create an optimized web presence.

Always on the leading edge of innovation, the SageAge Technology and Online Marketing team excels in maximizing search engine and brand optimization to ensure that consumers are effectively directed to your site. Our team also uses the latest innovations such as user preference coding, or “remarketing,” to identify interested prospects and share useful messages of interest to them. Beyond attracting industry acclaim and recognition, our technology and online marketing efforts achieve our client-partners’ business goals.

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At SageAge Strategies, our talented media services experts provide the laser-like media recommendations required to reach the right consumers with the right messages and the optimal frequency to maximize the impact of your advertising and marketing communications. Our databased media planning system uses proven, best-practice strategy.

Using the latest information available, our experienced media planners optimize message targeting, reach and frequency to achieve the most effective results and the most efficient use of your media budget. They also utilize the most effective social media strategies available today such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other options to increase your visibility and grow your organization.

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Direct Marketing

Direct mail can play an effective role in your overall growth strategy if applied appropriately by knowledgeable marketing professionals such as those at SageAge Strategies. Direct marketing is a marketing science unto itself and requires an in-depth knowledge of the techniques that work most effectively in the medium. Our experienced team of experts utilizes strategies and proven techniques for our client-partners that achieve the desired results.

At SageAge Strategies, we’ve specialized in direct marketing to the senior adult market for over 25 years. We provide a comprehensive array of start-to-finish direct mail solutions that will enable you to generate larger numbers of prospects. Whether your need requires an individual mailing or a multi-phase campaign, we offer customized, proven solutions that entail evidence-based strategy, award-winning creative designs and flawless execution. We help you to achieve an immediate impact on lead generation and viable prospects, whether you are targeting referral sources, senior adults, adult children or healthcare professionals.

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Our outstanding Consulting Group is a leading industry resource for strategic business growth, including campus master planning, census enhancement, market assessment, operations improvement, turnaround management and training services for growth-oriented senior living providers. Functioning as an extension of your own leadership team, our consultants achieve measurable results by developing strategies that meet your specific business and occupancy goals.

Our Consulting Group has an in-depth knowledge of the senior living market, and they know where the market is moving. Whether it’s creating occupancy solutions, promoting a new community or program or developing a new brand, our Consulting Group consists of strategic marketing and business growth experts whose vision helps the senior living space connect the realities of today with the opportunities of tomorrow.

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Market Research

Our market feasibility and demand analysis services provide you with an accurate picture of the potential of the market and enables you to make evidence-based decisions on the value of an opportunity and the projected return on investment for your community. We provide market feasibility and demand analysis research for new start-ups, additions to existing campus offerings and more.

An in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, as well as your own organization, is also an essential ingredient for maximizing your own brand equity and performance in the marketplace.

As a key component of the strategic planning and business development process, SageAge’s experienced competitive analysis and mystery (secret) shopping team provides you with the market intelligence you need to mitigate competitive threats, institute countermeasures, identify opportunities to use competitor shortcomings to your advantage, strengthen your own business processes and meet unfulfilled needs in the marketplace. Our skilled research staff conducts competitive studies on a routine basis and is highly adept at uncovering valuable information that becomes an essential part of your organizational planning and business strategy.

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