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Mar 23, 2022 | Social Media

Putting You In Front-Row View

Gone are the days when YouTube was simply for younger generations to view funny videos. In the era of rising senior social media usage and the high engagement of video content, YouTube is becoming one of the largest search engines and social media platforms, even ahead of Facebook for many seniors. In fact, according to our whitepaper on seniors and technology, we found that 85.55% of seniors use YouTube versus 75.81% using Facebook.

As we could expect, this opens up a world of opportunities to reach your target audience, whether they are subscribed to your channel or not. From uploading video content to placing YouTube ads, read on to find out why YouTube shouldn’t be overlooked.

Senior Living Marketing and YouTube

Why YouTube Marketing Matters

YouTube usage comes with some pretty staggering insights especially among seniors and types of video content viewed. In a report that calls attention to YouTube’s analytics, demographics and more, it is highlighted that: 

  • YouTube is the second most-visited website in the world and is the top video streaming app
  • The average user spends 23.2 hours per month watching videos
  • 61% of Gen X and 44% of Baby Boomers visit YouTube daily

With seniors only needing a simple Google account to access YouTube, the potential of this social media site is endless, so it’s the perfect opportunity to discover how to get seen by those you serve. 

SageAge Can Help You Get Rolling

Posting Content

Video gives us the opportunity to connect with future residents, family members and more. Whether we’re introducing new visitors to our community, sharing more about our offerings, or giving an inside look at what life is like, videos are the perfect way to provide them with the complete picture. 

Some good ways to do this include sharing videos of day-to-day life, showcasing what events are going on and highlighting resident, family and team testimonials. 

We can help you optimize your video usage to capture the attention of current and future leads while sharing your content on social media sites to enhance connection and engagement. 

Hosting Virtual Seminars

One in three Baby Boomers share that they use YouTube to learn about products or services. What better way to give them the information they are looking for than by streaming your events, hosting virtual educational seminars and providing helpful information for them to enjoy in the comfort of their own home? 

Whether you’re sharing your content during the event or afterward, it’s a great way to keep the conversation going while providing information for older adults and adult children. All of this content can then be used in social media, blog posts and even video ads to further spread your message.

Pre-Roll Ads

When browsing YouTube, you may be familiar with the ads that play prior to viewing your chosen video. At times, these may be skippable, and at times, they may not be. No matter if you’re on desktop or mobile, these ads are a great tool to show those on YouTube that your services are there for them, right where they are already viewing and active, while enhancing brand recall. 

What types of pre-roll ads are there, and what are their benefits? According to an article by Google where video advertising is explained, it’s broken down into separate parts:

Skippable In-Stream Ads

These ads play before, during, or after videos and are able to be skipped after five seconds. This means your ad must call out your intention and brand while intriguing them enough to keep watching without skipping, as a high number of viewers tend to skip these ads when they are able. These ads are proven to:

  • Drive awareness of your brand
  • Expand reach
  • Engage your audience during discovery 
  • Reach your marketing goals

How do you keep your audience from skipping your ads? As we know, the sooner you capture their attention and draw them in, the better. According to an article by Think with Google, this means your ad should have a beginning, middle and end while thinking outside the box. 

Even better? The article states that if the video is skipped before 30 seconds or before the duration if it’s shorter than 30 seconds, there’s no charge, so it’s a great time to get creative and try something new. 

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads consist of six-second messages that are short and memorable. These ads are best used when your goal is to:

  • Drive impressions
  • Enhance reach
  • State your purpose efficiently
  • Tease an announcement

As generations begin to favor short messages that grab their attention quickly, it’s important to consider how to tailor your messages to meet this shift, which is exactly what bumper ads were designed to do. These can also be used as a part of a larger strategy for a bigger brand impact. 

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

In this type of ad, viewers have the ability to see your entire 15-second message without skipping your ad. This helps to: 

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Drive consideration and quality leads to your website
  • Ensure your whole message is viewed

As one of the most popular ad types, these videos can be up to six minutes long; however, it’s recommended that you keep them less than three. It’s also important to note that the longer someone interacts with your ad, the more likely they are to convert!

What’s more is YouTube SEO may even serve to enhance your overall SEO, thanks to having even more content you’re creating to drive prospects, families and potential users of your services back to your website. 

Ready To Get In on the Action?

At SageAge, we’re here to help you get on a roll with YouTube, just like we did for one of our client-partners a community group in Nebraska. Click here to read more, or visit our website to contact us today!

SageAge: Here for You, Always

At SageAge, our marketing team excels in helping senior living communities target prospective residents and gather essential information through surveys, focus groups and other tools that will generate qualified leads that will help you continue to grow and maintain your occupancy rates.

If you need assistance in any areas of marketing and integrated growth strategy to improve your business results, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies that have transformed other senior living communities like yours.

SageAge is a multiple award-winning strategic growth, marketing and consulting organization that operates exclusively in the unique senior living marketplace. For more information, please call or email Melinda Schmitz at 816.349.0464/[email protected]. You can also visit us on our website at

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