Connecting with Seniors Through Facebook

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Feb 25, 2022 | Social Media

Making an Impression, Enhancing Engagement

For many of us, we’re no stranger to Facebook. From personal use and business to connecting with friends and family, Facebook is among the top social media platforms. In fact, did you know that there are 2.89 billion monthly Facebook users worldwide, according to a study on social media and user-generated content by Statistica? This number, while staggering, is hardly surprising.

What is surprising, however, is the amount of older adults who are embracing social networking sites and what exactly they are using them for. Read on to find out more about these savvy senior citizens and how Facebook is changing the technological landscape and how we do business.

Facebook Use Among Seniors

Facts You Need To Know

The Pew Research Center recently completed a study that shows seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves. A recent study SageAge conducted backs this up, noting that when it comes to Facebook, 48% of seniors we surveyed said they use Facebook frequently, while 28% shared they use it less frequently, with many sharing they are following close family, friends and even some companies.

What’s more is that when using Facebook:

  • 44% of respondents shared they visit social media to view particular content, then leave
  • 28% get on social media just to browse content
  • 28% say they get on to view particular content then end up browsing other content

What Does This Mean for Our Industry?

These insights allow us to focus our efforts, attention and resources where it counts most – which for many is right on Facebook – making this social media site more important than ever to focus on for certain internet users and age groups, especially baby boomers and adult children.

Helping You Put Your Best Face Forward on Facebook

Facebook is for more than simple friend requests and staying connected now. In fact, as the percent of adults and older adults using this platform rises, we can expect we should become more creative in how we reach them, engage and create content.

We’re here to help.

Customized Facebook Campaigns and Content Creation

SageAge focuses our social media campaigns around fresh, relevant and customized content, including website blogs, educational links, graphics and more. Through our evidence-based strategies that utilize Google’s organic search ranking algorithm, we can increase your search engine and brand optimization, build your audience, engage users, drive traffic to your website and more.

Facebook Events

Are you hosting an event or informative presentation in your community? Whether in-person or virtual, Facebook can help you get the word out there through event postings, making it easier for those interested in your community or searching for services to join along.

Review Monitoring

One of the best parts of Facebook is the opportunity to connect and share your experiences, and as Facebook becomes increasingly popular, it’s important to stay up-to-date with what people are saying about your community.

Did you know that 89% of consumers read businesses’ responses to reviews? This makes it essential to respond. From showing appreciation for a positive review and ensuring great service to providing a quick response and solution to negative experiences, relationship management is more important than ever.

Paid Advertisements

With such a large amount of traffic on Facebook, advertising is also implemented. We create advertising campaigns designed to continually grow your target audience organically, generating leads and increasing engagement, communication and engagement among potential users of your services.

Connect with Families and Prospects

Aside from simply staying in touch with friends and family members, it’s easier than ever to connect with families, prospects and adult children. From chatting in messages and responding to comments, Facebook is a great tool to communicate, answer questions, engage and showcase what your community is all about.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to approach Facebook and those you serve in a whole new way, we’re here to help. Check out how we helped make a difference for one of our client-partners throughout the Northeast through Facebook, here, or contact us today.

What Else Is Trending?

We’ve covered senior smartphone use and checked into the status of Facebook, but what’s next? Stay tuned as we press play on another important aspect of technology: YouTube!

SageAge: Here for You, Always

At SageAge, our marketing team excels in helping senior living communities target prospective residents and gather essential information through surveys, focus groups and other tools that will generate qualified leads that will help you continue to grow and maintain your occupancy rates.

If you need assistance in any areas of marketing and integrated growth strategy to improve your business results, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies that have transformed other senior living communities like yours.

SageAge is a multiple award-winning strategic growth, marketing and consulting organization that operates exclusively in the unique senior living marketplace. For more information, please call or email Melinda Schmitz at 816.349.0464/[email protected]. You can also visit us on our website at

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