The Future Is Now: Virtualizing Your Marketing to Keep Growing

May 26, 2020 | Marketing & Branding

There’s a great quote by psychologist Abraham Maslow (of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) that’s been on our minds lately: “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again…” We think this quote is especially true these days, as we adjust to life during – and, hopefully soon, after – the coronavirus pandemic.

“These definitely are uncertain times for all of us,” says Melinda Schmitz, President of SageAge Strategies. “But SageAge has risen to the challenge by working with our client-partners to help them adapt their marketing messages and the way they communicate with residents and potential residents. For example, many of our clients have begun employing a more digital approach – hosting virtual events, seminars and tours, and using online communication tactics that allow them to continue connecting with their audiences.”

Of course, connecting virtually is not a new concept – think of services like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime that you may already use in your personal life. However, it can be a new concept when it comes to showcasing your services and communities to prospects.

One example of this is offering virtual tours. “We provide online training for our client-partners to help them learn how to maximize live video streaming services to share information, connect with current residents and families and show off the best features of their community to prospects – all without having to break any social distancing guidelines,” says Sean Ochester, Executive Vice President of Digital & Integrated StrategyTechnology. “Prior to the virus breakout, the focus was on getting prospects to come to your community. Now, you’re able to bring your community to them – virtually. That may seem like a small thing on paper, but it’s a seismic shift in terms of being able to stay in front of potential residents.”

Not only are we helping change how tours are held, we’re also helping client-partners change the messaging and marketing of these events. “We’ve been helping our client-partners send out email blasts inviting prospects to virtual events and offering perks like gift cards for DoorDash or grocery delivery services to participants who become depositors,” Melinda says. “Since you’re saving money by virtually hosting an event, you’re able reallocate your budgets in new and relevant ways.”

Another service we’re offering is a “white label” senior living consultant who provides educational seminars on behalf of your community. “Deborah Potter, Vice President of Consulting for SageAge, is now available as an online resource you can use to connect with and market to your sales prospects,” says Melinda. “We provide the online seminar, invitations and more – all custom branded to your community.

“During these seminars, Deborah discusses a variety of different topics – the first seminar we’re offering discusses the pros and cons of different senior lifestyle choices – and provides an interactive platform for prospects to engage with an expert, ask questions and learn more about the benefits you provide.”

SageAge is also helping client-partners funnel more of their budgets towards online efforts that keep marketing moving forward. After all, it’s important to continue to talk to residents and families through reassurance letters, prospect nurturing, live events and other efforts. Digital communications allow you to instantly communicate information to your community – which is essential during these uncertain times.  

And it’s just as important to make sure that you’re finding ways to connect with your residents and families to help them stay entertained, engaged and connected.

“We’re hearing things from our client-partners like, we want to do a book club – how do we make that happen online?” says Melinda. “It’s those little things that inject normalcy into these crazy times and that your prospects and families will appreciate so much.”

Other ways we’ve helped our clients adapt include:

  • Brainstorming ways to implement interactive virtual events to keep both prospects and residents entertained – like a book club!
  • Crafting reassurance letters for families and friends of loved ones at home.
  • Polishing videos and signage pieces for a drive-thru Mother’s Day celebration.
  • Sharing photos of our seniors with their loved ones through social media.
  • Building dedicated resources for both residents and non-residents to stay up-to-date on stay-at-home orders and safety precautions within the communities.

“The sales landscape is ever-shifting, and our services will shift right along with it in order to better meet your needs,” says Melinda. “We don’t know for sure what the immediate future will hold, but one thing we know is that today’s seniors will always need your services … and SageAge will be there to help partner with you and put you in a position of success.”


SageAge Strategies: Choosing Growth, Again and Again

At SageAge Strategies, we strive to be true partners that help you attain and exceed your community goals. Our sales and marketing team excels in helping senior living communities fine-tune their skills to help maintain, nurture and convert prospects to keep move-ins coming … especially during times of need.

If you need assistance in areas of marketing and integrated growth strategy to improve your business results, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies that have transformed other senior living communities like yours.

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