Meet Your Prospects Where They Are – Literally: Introducing SageAge’s New Geofencing Services

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“Put yourself in your consumers shoes,” they say. “Meet your prospects where they are in their sales journey,” they say. “Get relevant messages to them ASAP so it’s still fresh in their mind when your value proposition hits,” they say.

While for many years, marketing experts have used these phrases in a figurative way, a new technology in town is using those phrases literally. It’s called geofencing, and it’s changing the marketing landscape in a big way.

“Geofencing is a location-based advertising strategy that allows you to deliver targeted ads to people based on their physical location at that moment,” says Jason McCloud, Executive Director of Integrated Marketing & Communications at SageAge Strategies. “What’s unique about it is that it’s not using zip codes or a particular city. Instead, it uses a much more specific actual location – like a building or business. We place a virtual ‘fence’ around it, then, when a prospect walks inside or nearby the location, your targeted ads are delivered automatically to their mobile phone or tablet.”

Geofencing uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data in order to determine when prospects are moving in or out of your chosen location. You can send ads at that moment, or up to 30 days after your target has left your geofence location. (If they click on your ad or visit your website and you capture their information, you can market to them them for much longer!)

The best part? You don’t need to do anything special to a specific location in order to set up a geofence. You simply need to know where it is – no beacons, special devices or physical feature necessary. This allows you to target your prospects literally anywhere.

“Think about it: if you’re a senior living community, you can put a geofence around your competitor’s community so that any visitors to that location will receive advertisements for your community,” says Jason. “Talk about precision advertising! This form of marketing gives you opportunities to get in front of an audience you might never have reached before at a low cost with very little waste.”

The ads that your prospect sees will appear on mobile apps on their devices or tablets. SageAge has access to 600,000 different popular apps, none of which have to be actively used in order to send the ad. As long as your prospect’s location services are turned on, your ad will be beamed to his or her device.

“We like to say that with geofencing, can you get at least 97% more reach in your budget than simple targeting methods like zip code targeting,” says Jason. “Even if you decided to target a 1-mile radius of your location compared to 10 buildings you could geofence, you will achieve at least 99% more reach in your ad spend.”

The personal engagement possibilities that are opened up through geofencing are huge. You are getting your message in front of the audience that matters most to your brand, based on their physical activities and the places they go. And thanks to real-time analytics, SageAge experts can analyze same-day data and track your campaign as it happens – enabling us to make quick decisions and message adjustments if necessary.

We’ve already started seeing success through this program for our senior living clients. Using this technology, our client-partners have seen on average less than $8 per thousand impressions and $1.50 per walk-in. That’s a significant return on investment.

“The marketing landscape is changing constantly, and it’s important to make sure your integrated marketing campaign matches up,” says Jason. “At SageAge, we’re very excited by the potential of this new program and we look forward to integrating it into our clients’ marketing strategies to help them advertise to their ideal prospect in a new, breakthrough way.”

Providing Innovative Technologies and Integrated Advertising Strategies that Generate Results

If your senior living community is interested in harnessing the latest in advertising technology to build an integrated marketing and advertising campaign to engage prospects in a new, exciting way, SageAge Strategies can help. Our professional team of sales experts and trainers excel in teaching your sales personnel how to create empathy, build trust, instill confidence and respond to your prospects’ unique needs to make the sale.

Using the latest best-practice knowledge on proven behavioral sales techniques, we will help you leverage your community’s competitive strengths while appropriately focusing on your prospects’ specific needs and life circumstances to create successful outcomes.

SageAge Strategies: Leaders in Integrated Marketing, Consulting and Lead Generation Solutions for Senior Living

At SageAge Strategies, our marketing team excels in the latest senior living best practices such as integrated marketing and social media strategy that increase quality lead generation and grow your occupancy. If you need assistance in any areas of marketing and integrated growth strategy to improve your business results, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies that have transformed other senior living communities like yours.

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