“Remarketing”: An Innovation that Keeps Your Brand Working Overtime and Your Prospects Engaged

Jul 2, 2014 | Uncategorized

In a given month, how many senior living “shoppers” visit your website, but for whatever reason — lack of time or otherwise — never take the “next step” and contact you? Do you just accept it as part of the price of doing business in the e-commerce age?

What if your website could identify these prospective customers and automatically send them a series of useful messages in the form of varied banner ads that could further inform and engage them on behalf of your community? In other words, what if your website could function as a highly informed, full-time employee of your sales department and be actively on the job 24/7/365?

Now it can, and this innovative new technology-based process is called “remarketing.”

“Smart Technology” in Action: “Remarketing” Identifies Your Prospects and Delivers Information They’re Interested In

A recent article in Senior Housing Forum (SHF), by John Gonzales titled “Online Marketing:  Ready, Aim, Fire! Repeat as Necessary,”  featured an interview with our own Alex Boyce, SageAge Strategies’ Director of Technology & Online Marketing and resident expert on this new “smart” technology. The article effectively describes how the process known as “remarketing” works and enumerates its substantial benefits to senior living organizations interested in expanding their brand reach and engagement activities with prospective customers.  

According to Alex, remarketing is a technology-driven innovation that automatically increases the accuracy and frequency of targeted brand messages that go only to prospects interested in your senior living services. Unlike those unwanted and annoying pop up ads that appear on your computer that you have no interest in, remarketing uses “personal interest” coding technology to send a packaged set of messages to people who are in the market for your services – whether you’re a CCRC, independent living, assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing community or a supplier. Specifically, remarketing connects you to individuals who have shown an interest in senior living services by visiting your website or searching for senior housing in your area.

Optimizing Cost-Efficiency and Results

Remarketing responds to your community’s primary business need for maximizing cost efficiency and results from your finite sales and marketing budget. By selectively reaching out to only interested web browsers, remarketing enables more personalized marketing of your programs and services.

Through remarketing, your community can present a varied online banner ad campaign to your online visitors who have not yet taken the next step. It eliminates the need for a series of separate advertising flights to be developed and “shotgunned” to consumers at large. By using embedded coding, the process delivers relevant and appropriate messages of interest to prospects during the course of their normal web browsing activities. Rather than random spam-type advertising, effective remarketing delivers a variety of useful informational messages on subjects of established interest to web users.

Delivering Substantial Benefits to Senior Living Communities

As noted in the SHF article, remarketing benefits your community in several ways by enabling you to:

  • Inform, engage and recapture potential customers who visited your website
  • Redirect them and prompt them for action, such as requesting information or scheduling a tour
  • Vary your messaging to stay relevant and interesting
  • Tailor your “landing page” based on their interest when they return to your site

This marketing innovation is expressly designed to inexpensively build your brand awareness and credibility, create consumer engagement and interaction and increase qualified sales prospect traffic for your community. Remarketing is an emerging “game changer” that will become a preferred industry method for creating stronger community brand presence, preference and interaction among senior living prospects. Akin to constantly evolving search engine optimization, remarketing is a trending best practice for brand optimization and turning your prospects into sales.  

Award-Winning Expertise Is Available to Help Your Community Grow

If you are a senior living community considering the need for assistance in increasing sales and building your brand, we encourage you to take advantage of our exceptional capabilities and experience in strategic market growth, census enhancement and customer engagement techniques. We are an industry leader that operates exclusively in the unique senior living marketplace and has the specialized expertise, extensive experience and award-winning results to enable you to succeed. As 2014 recipients of 10 Generations Awards for marketing excellence and the prestigious LTC LINK Supplier Award, SageAge Strategies invites you to contact us today at 570-601-1720 for more information on our suite of strategic services that will help your community grow.

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