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The Benefits of Working at a Remote Company

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Aug 22, 2022 | Uncategorized

Remote working offers many benefits to employees and businesses.

Today, more people are working from home than ever before, offering many benefits to both businesses and employees.

Remote positions offer employees flexible work schedules and autonomy while keeping overhead costs low for businesses. But why has it taken so long for remote work to become commonplace? What makes remote work suddenly so practical?

The answer is twofold. First, today’s workers are in touch with technologies that have made it easier to adapt to remote work, like cloud computing, videoconferencing, smartphones and project management software. Second, recent lockdowns showed that companies could be just as productive remotely as they were in the office.

Read on to learn about the benefits of working at a remote company like SageAge.

Perks for Employees

Being stuck in a cubicle from 9-5? More and more, employees are saying, “No!” Today, employees find remote work has the following benefits:

  • Improved morale. Ultimately, allowing employees to work remotely can improve their work-life balance and make the normally fast-paced work environment less stressful.
  • More autonomy. A company that trusts its employees to work remotely and allows them to work from home gains a certain level of employee confidence and respect. The more autonomous employees feel, the more confident they are in their work and the more likely they will go above and beyond their tasks.
  • Increased productivity. Allowing employees to work according to their own preferences helps them play to their strengths. From home, remote workers can tailor their workspace to make it work for them without having to deal with the one-size-fits-all office approach.
  • Less time spent commuting! ’Nuff said.

Benefits to the Company

In addition to effectively leveraging the company’s bottom line, a remote work culture boosts intangibles such as culture and morale. Some of the additional benefits are as follows:

  • Access to a wider talent pool. When working remotely, the location of the job isn’t a factor in determining the talent pool. Rather than limiting a search to the city or state where it’s needed, businesses can look across the country – or the world – for the ideal candidate.
  • Improved employee retention. Companies stay productive by retaining happy remote employees. Happy employees develop a positive attitude toward their job and contribute positive energy to the work environment, lowering the turnover rate.
  • Technological benefits. Businesses are obliged to grow and adapt their strategies responsibly as a result of remote work due to the workstyle’s heavy reliance on technology. Out of necessity, remote workers can assist a company in adapting faster and finding smarter solutions.
  • Lower overhead costs. With a remote workforce, you save on office space and company equipment, costs that were long thought to be unavoidable costs for a business.

Companies of the future, take note: Go remote!

SageAge. Work as We.

SageAge is a leading remote company with a robust work-life balance helping to spearhead the new way of getting work done. We’re senior living marketing gurus with over 40 years of expertise.

Explore our Careers page to learn more about The SageAge Way today!

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