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Top Creative Tips for Connecting with Today’s Seniors


Dec 2, 2015 | Marketing & Branding

Rachel Fox, Creative Director of SageAge Strategies, says, “Today, most of us agree that ‘Content is King.’ Content that is relevant to seniors’ needs, that answers their questions and offers real solutions to their problems is critical to gaining their trust, building relationships and making sales.

“However, there is another element of content sharing that is extremely important to the effectiveness of your messaging … creative design!

“The visual context or environment in which your content is placed can make or break how your content is received and processed by viewers. Is it appealing and interesting? Does it set the right mood and tone? Does it evoke the right emotional response? Is it positive and inspiring? Do the words and visuals resonate with what your prospects aspire to?

“This ‘emotional context’ applies to virtually every way in which your brand touches your customers, their families, referral sources and potential donors. This includes the appearance of your website, your online and traditional advertising, your promotional materials, the signage in and around your community as well as your videos, graphics, images and logo. All of these visual representations of your brand add important context to your content.

“The impact of a visually appealing, relevant and inspiring creative design is why corporate giants such as Procter & Gamble spend millions of dollars annually on consumer research. It explains why they are constantly evaluating and changing how the packaging and visual presentation of their various brands – the colors, images and words – resonate with potential purchasers of their products.

“There is also evidence that demonstrates that certain images and visual approaches work best with today’s seniors. A harmonious mix of the right words and images will strike the right chord and create contact and engagement with your prospects.”

Creating the Right Emotional Context

Consumer thinking isn’t linear or always logical. Therefore, it is essential to create an aspirational feel that reflects what your prospects want to experience and how they want to feel. Key emotions to evoke with your creative include:

  • Hope
  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Vibrancy
  • Engagement

Does your brand’s “look” effectively convey the sense that your community provides hope, comfort and a fulfilling life? Does it portray your community and your staff as warm, welcoming and caring? Does your branding promote a vital and vibrant lifestyle for your residents? Does your visual presentation bring your brand to life and inspire prospective customers to contact you for more information?

The following example illustrates how to strike the right emotional chord:

Example: Slide 6

Providing the Right Visual Balance and Movement

Balance is a visual interpretation of gravity in the creative design. Large, dense elements appear to be heavier while smaller elements appear to be lighter. By manipulating the balance and placing heavier weight on certain areas of your message, the illusion of movement is created. This is important because it moves the viewer’s eye across and down your content (an ad for example), ensuring they are exposed to as much of the message as possible while moving them visually toward your all-important “Call-to-Action.”

The sample below demonstrates the art and science of effective balance and movement:

Example: Slide 10

Using Creative Design to Generate Leads

Once you’ve piqued the consumer’s interest with customer-focused content wrapped in attractive, emotionally appealing design, it is time to move them to the next very important step – the “Call-to-Action (CTA).”

The CTA is where you tell consumers what their next step is. It guides them into a preferred method of contact that will continue their experience and interaction with your community toward full engagement. Presenting and positioning your CTA effectively in your content is a critical part of your overall marketing strategy!

Therefore, think about what you’d like them to do next, (i.e. call; email; visit online; schedule a personal visit; RSVP for an event; take advantage of an incentive). The purpose of your message will determine the appropriate form of follow up. Just be sure your CTA is highly visible, effectively placed and clear with its directions to the viewer.

The example below demonstrates how effective CTA presentation and positioning is achieved:

Example: Slide 14

Adds Rachel, “Integrating effective messaging and best-practice creative techniques is essential for developing an optimized branding strategy that achieves desired results. Synchronized words and visual elements provide the information, tone and emotional environment that your prospective customers will respond to.

“At SageAge Strategies, our exceptional Creative Services team achieves in creating responsive, highly appealing brands that have the look, feel and ‘vibe’ that connects most effectively with your senior living customers and makes you stand out in the marketplace.”

We Would Love to Hear from You!

If you have comments or questions on creative design strategy, we’d love to hear from you. We also encourage you to share any experiences you’ve had in this area, whether they have been successful or not. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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