Across the country, senior living residents have wisdom to impart from rich backgrounds and cultivated expertise. Learning from them enriches our own life experience and deepens our understanding of who we serve.

A blend of TED Talks and StoryCorps, SageAge’s newest offering – SageTalks – will take the form of recorded Zoom interviews with seniors that will:

  • Overturn stereotypes about senior living residents
  • Celebrate the amazing older adults who live in our senior living communities
  • Share their life stories, important lessons, wisdom, talents and gifts
  • Create connection between current and future residents
  • Allow for more exposure for your community
  • Bring the heart back to why we do what we do as senior living professionals

Know someone who would love to participate in SageTalks?


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We’re asking for nominations of residents from your community who you think may have something to impart. Remember: We’re not looking for their ability to advertise your community – though you may use this piece that way. We are looking for them to share their life experiences and detail what’s important to them through a casual interview process.

Contact us to make your nominations in the form above, call us at 570-212-9411, or forward your nominees to If the resident you nominate is chosen for an upcoming SageTalks session, we’ll be in touch!

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