GROW Sales Training

Introducing GROW, the growth-focused and change-inspiring sales training developed by SageAge Strategies specifically for providers across the senior living spectrum – Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, SNFs, CCRCs and Home Care.


Over our 35-year+ history, we have experienced almost every senior living sales approach and training. As a result, we’ve discovered one truth:

Sales will not happen without the ability to start and navigate difficult, meaningful conversations and create an authentic connection with the prospect and family.

Unlike sales in other spaces, the driving motivation for sales in our industry is discomfort. Our prospects come to us inconvenienced at best, bewildered and grieving at worst. It is our job to help them discover and make sense of what they are thinking and feeling so they can make an appropriate plan. It may sound simple, but what we’ve discovered is almost no one is doing it.


GROW helps sales counselors learn how to prompt and guide honest conversations and create connection – via sincere empathy – so they become partners in a family’s decision-making.

Empathy cannot be studied. It must be practiced and experienced. GROW is built to develop skills and change habits from the inside – deepening sales counselors’ empathy, providing the words and questions that open the right conversations, and teaching the strategies for handling and navigating what comes next.


GROW is not a system. You can put the GROW experience inside any other “system” you use, from Bild to Sherpa to Action Selling. It’s not a process. GROW is about developing skills we’re losing – human connection, empathy, authenticity – to fit inside any transactional process you’ve already been using or want to use. It’s not about prospect readiness. Communities can keep the stages they are accustomed to. GROW is about partnering with the family to create readiness – no matter where they are right now.


GROW is revenue-focused. When you take the time to genuinely connect with people, you increase sales. In fact, because no sale in senior living happens without deep conversation, it’s not ONE way to increase occupancy, it’s the ONLY way.  


GROW sales training is just the beginning. The real change happens after training, in the daily work of our sales teams. To encourage that growth, GROW materials are beautiful and a pleasure to use. The GROW book and binder welcome sales counselors into this new way of thinking, nudging them to engage with new, strategic, revenue-producing habits.

“I am so excited about the training. I knew that digging deeper is the way and have had one-on-one team member counseling sessions to face these difficult conversations with good outcomes. The GROW sales approach really nails the entire process! I have already updated the weekly meetings with ‘Weekly GROW Sales Meeting’ and have asked that there are at least 10 leads including WARM and COLDs starting this week.”

“Thank you again. It was awesome!”

Christine Cobb
Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

“GROW training was different from other sales trainings we’ve experienced. It doesn’t rely on a particular method or rigid set of rules that often can’t be found in the day-to-day experience of senior living. Instead, GROW trained us to be in the moment with our real prospects, working through the often painful challenges that brought them to us, and forging connection powerful enough to motivate them to change.”

Joanna Cormac Burt
EPOCH Senior Living
Chief Operating Officer