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Sales Training & Management

Operations & Compliance

Fund Development

Planning & Budgeting

Strategic Planning

At SageAge Strategies, we have the expertise and experience with senior living organizations to effectively guide you through the complex strategic planning process. We ensure that the plans for your operation, including your campus-wide facility needs, are developed through a proven, evidence-based process. From confirming your mission, vision and value proposition, to assessing your market, competitive environment, facility opportunities, service options and brand equity, we will help you achieve your priority goals.

We provide a comprehensive approach to strategic and budgetary planning by assessing your community’s customer, operational, financial, clinical and technological needs and identifying viable strategies and related priorities to achieve them. Because we believe that only true partnerships yield sustainable success, our dynamic process involves key constituents of your community. These include your board, leadership team, staff members, residents, their families, referral sources and other key influencers.

Budgetary Planning

Budget analysis and development services are important tools when it comes to assessing the focus and return on investment (ROI) of your expenditures. Based on our specialists’ comprehensive analysis of your budget, we make recommendations that make the most effective use of your expenditures.

Our team seeks opportunities to optimize your budget’s ROI by identifying and prioritizing key business opportunities and ensuring they are aligned with an operations and marketing plan that is optimally focused on those priority objectives, maximizing your operational and financial performance, as well as improving reimbursements, increasing your sales and occupancy and building your brand equity in the marketplace. We will tell you what is working, what needs to be modified and identify new programs, services and markets you should be exploring based on the latest trends and consumer behaviors.

We will also ensure that your marketing plan and related budget decisions are fully aligned with your community’s overall strategic business priorities. An effective marketing plan is never created in a vacuum. All marketing goals, strategies and resources should be linked directly to the overarching business goals of your organization to optimize results and to eliminate wasted time, energy and expenditures.

Sales Training & Management

Sales Training

The SageAge Strategies CARE Program will fully equip your sales team with the tools and training required to be most effective. Our sales training programs are based on current best practices in results-based selling techniques, prospect cultivation, customer relationship management, empathy, customer-centered problem solving, effective use of materials, handling questions, concerns and objections effectively and closing the sale. We use a detailed, evidence-based training template to ensure that your sales team is exceptionally prepared to represent your senior living community effectively to prospective customers.

Frequently, we precede our sales training programs with mystery shopping activities in order to gain an up close, highly accurate picture of your sales teams’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. This enables us to truly customize our training sessions to your most salient sales training needs and place priority focus on those primary areas of weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Our customized programs help our clients create a highly effective, focused sales team that can more adequately manage leads, gain appointments and close sales. We also identify any operational challenges that are a barrier to sales.

Sales Management

At SageAge Strategies, we recognize that you operate in a dynamic marketplace where change is often the norm. As your organization’s marketing and sales resource, we are always available for ongoing marketing and sales meetings and consultations to monitor progress, discuss tactics and ensure positive business results. We always stand ready to make appropriate strategic or tactical adjustments necessitated by significant changes in your operating environment, including the competitive landscape. 

Our in-house experts work with you to create comprehensive sales and marketing plans that are customized to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that are specific to your community and your marketplace. We also work with you to create more structured, consistent and organized sales and marketing processes designed to optimize your corporate objectives and business goals. Our sales and marketing initiatives are based on best practices and are always aligned with your established business priorities.

For over 25 years, SageAge Strategies has been highly successful in partnering with senior living providers and rehab facilities to develop strategies and initiatives that elevate your marketing and sales performance. 

Operations & Compliance

Performance Improvement

In today’s highly competitive market for senior living providers, those organizations that perform at their highest levels have a distinct advantage over their competitors — particularly with more performance information being made available to the public. The SageAge Strategies team provides a unique level of expertise and insight in the discipline of performance improvement derived from years of senior living experience and functional expertise in key areas. These areas include CCRC administration, operations management, census building, sales and marketing strategy, resident satisfaction, customer service and sales training, productivity and efficiency management. We help our client-partners move from good to GREAT.

Our professionals work closely with your business, as an extension of your own staff resources, to help identify and improve underperforming areas in order to achieve enhanced financial performance, a stronger brand reputation, higher resident satisfaction and strategic growth. SageAge Strategies operates exclusively in the senior living industry and we understand your business, your customers, your challenges and your opportunities from a provider’s perspective. Our recommendations are practical and evidence-based using current industry best practices.


SageAge Strategies’ professional team has successfully supported senior living communities and has been responsible for their compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to partner with providers in the areas of operations management, procedural review and performance improvement.

We specialize in partnering with senior living organizations to help them succeed in regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Our goal is to successfully implement and integrate compliance activities, measurable quality assurance programs and key measurable metrics into all aspects of your community’s daily operations — not just in anticipation of your next survey.

Our compliance support services address a variety of key areas that are essential to your successful and safe operations, as well as your public reputation. The on-site audit and evaluation services focus on the primary areas of regulatory compliance deficiency and include:

  • Resident Chart Audit
  • Employee Audit
  • Dietary Audit
  • Life Enrichment Audit
  • Facilities Maintenance and Housekeeping Audit

Fund Development

At SageAge, we believe successful fundraising is a sales dynamic. We find people give because they are asked. Successful fundraising in the senior living industry requires the effective marketing of an institution’s mission and services, educating its residents and their families, as well as motivating leadership to compete for a donor’s financial support. Over the years, our Advancement Planning Team has worked with a number of not-for-profit organizations – both large and small – helping them design profitable fundraising plans, implement new fundraising strategies, and super-charge their overall development efforts.

We help you create fundraising plans that are fully aligned with the mission and overall strategic effort of your organization. While fundraising may start with asking donors for money; we believe it also involves networking, relationship-building, researching new funding prospects and emerging philanthropic trends, and ensuring your values and mission are being communicated effectively.

We help our client-partners:

  • Create a culture of philanthropy
  • Build strong relationships
  • Find board members who are comfortable with fund development
  • Effective board member recruitment and training
  • Ultimately, our goal is to help your organization build on its assets to create a stronger, healthier community.