Karole M. Criswell


As Senior Writer, Karole is responsible for developing results-oriented communications materials for our client-partners. However, her responsibilities extend far beyond writing exceptional, highly compelling copy. From initial brainstorming sessions with our Account Managers and Creative Design Team – which can include everything from branding, positioning and creative plans to proofreading final layouts – Karole is closely involved with the planning and creative strategy for each project from start to finish.

It is this close interaction among the creative team members that Karole credits with SageAge’s successful results and numerous award-winning projects; for example, 16 Generations Awards for excellence in senior living marketing in 2016 alone. As Karole says, “Any project we create is the product of the talents of our many experts here at Sage Age. By working with the Account Manager and the Creative Director, I feel the resulting product that we present to the client is the very best it can be.”

As a key leader in our organization, Karole plays an integral role in the development of each client-partner’s marketing plans and individual marketing materials. With a keen sense for our client-partners’ business objectives, Karole creates written materials with a strategic purpose. She never begins a project until she is clear on its goals and objectives, whether it involves community – or corporate-level positioning, branding strategy or sales promotion. This approach assures that Karole is fully informed and has a clear solution in mind the moment she begins her artistry.

In addition to being an exceptional writer, Karole is highly knowledgeable in the area of technological applications and social media. This “value added” expertise enables Karole to “write to the specific medium” and create compelling communications pieces that are perfectly sized and crafted to optimize the client’s message and brand.

Karole graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications. A native of suburban Philadelphia, Karole originally joined our team in late 1989 soon after moving to Williamsport, PA. After broadening her healthcare marketing and branding expertise for a few years in the dentistry and plastic surgery industry, she rejoined the SageAge Strategies team. As Karole says, “After a brief time specializing in other areas of healthcare marketing, I felt it was time to ‘come home.’ I couldn’t be happier.”