Debra Gawet


In her position as Social and Digital Content Strategist, Debra has several important responsibilities that reflect the increasingly important role of social media and digital marketing strategy in the growth plans of senior living and senior care providers nationwide. These include: evaluating our client-partners social platform presence; developing breakthrough social and digital marketing strategies; creating social media content calendars; and implementing these strategies while also monitoring their analytics and providing regular reporting to our client-partners.

This is a new position that was created in conjunction with SageAge Strategies’ priority commitment to being the senior living industry’s premier provider for digital marketing expertise and results. Debra provides expertise in the ever-evolving technological advancements that affect social media and digital marketing strategy and leverages that knowledge in strategizing, planning, and implementing effective initiatives for our client-partners

Debra also brings specific expertise in the emerging science of digital writing, which is designed to maximize the visibility of our client-partners’ content. This message presentation technique uses a precise SEO algorithm-driven approach to identify the most relevant keywords, optimize keyword to total text ratios, apply prescriptive formats for headlines and body copy, and create meta tags and meta descriptions that ensure maximum search engine performance for your content. In today’s digitized world, having a good message is no longer enough.

A graduate of Saint Leo University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Debra says, “I enjoy working with senior living providers to harness the power of psychology, social media and storytelling to connect their brands with the people that matter most. Assisting organizations that offer comfort and better lifestyles to older Americans gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction.”