Introducing the Newest Members of our Exceptional Professional Team: Meet Theresa Rich, Amber Bockman and Brittany Dorner!

Jun 12, 2019 | Updates about SageAge

We’re growing again at SageAge Strategies and excited to introduce you to the latest members of our outstanding team of senior living growth experts. All have joined us recently and are already making significant contributions to our ever-growing list of senior living and senior care client-partners nationwide.

Theresa Rich, Account Manager

Theresa recently joined the SageAge family from GlynnDevins, Inc. and will be devoting her substantial talents to our clients in the key role of Account Manager.

In this vital client-facing role, Theresa will be responsible for working closely with our client-partners’ leadership teams to help assess their needs, identify areas of opportunity and advance their strategic priorities in such areas as lead generation, prospect conversion and census enhancement. She will also be responsible for the project management of tactics and strategy from implementation to completion.

To ensure that each client’s brand is effectively executed in the marketplace, Theresa will provide daily interface between our client-partners and key growth functions at SageAge including digital marketing, creative services, market research, direct marketing, media management and consulting.

Theresa joins SageAge with an exceptional history of accomplishment in advertising, public relations and senior living marketing. Over the past 12 years, she has exceled at driving the strategic direction and execution of integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns while demonstrating an exceptional ability to identify objectives, develop strategies, guide teams, implement solutions and optimize campaigns for success.

For the past five years, Theresa has worked in various positions of increasing responsibility with GlynDevins where shedeveloped and monitored the performance of strategic, multi-channel marketing plans using a variety of tactics that generated and nurtured leads throughout the buyer journey.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO.

Theresa expresses her love of seniors with a deep reverence and appreciation, saying. “My favorite decade is the 1940s. I love the music, culture, history and clothing. I honestly could have been Rosie the Riveter in a former life.

“I recently discovered that my paternal grandmother supported World War II efforts by assembling military aircraft while my grandfather was in Europe fighting in the war. I’ll watch PBS, the History Channel and any documentary I can find to learn more about that decade. I’ve always respected the G.I. Generation or ‘The Greatest Generation’ because of their humbleness and perseverance amidst economic and social turmoil.

“From the Great Depression to World War II, they made it through hardships and wartime without expecting anything in return. They were humble and had an amazing work ethic that I try to emulate. I believe we should connect with seniors, learn from their successes and failures and use the knowledge to positively impact current and future generations.”


My husband and I enjoy a very active lifestyle. In my husband’s free time, he teaches motorsport motorcycle racing at large race tracks throughout the Midwest. I love being outdoors, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and any activity that challenges (or scares) me into trying new things I’ve never done before.  You name it, I’ll do it. Running, rowing, cycling, weight-lifting, kickboxing. I also love to follow Reebok CrossFit games, gymnastics and figure skating.”

Amber Bockman, Email Marketing Automation Strategist

A member of our leading-edge Digital team, Amber’s role includes several essential functions designed to enhance lead generation and conversions for our client-partners including:

  • Using key performance indicators and email marketing best practices to build custom emails that produce conversions.
  • Building marketing automations that educate the client’s target audience about the community and move them closer to conversion.
  • Measuring results and making tactical adjustments based on the performance of emails and email automations.
  • Providing insight into the actions of prospects and leads for communities to better understand what most interests them.

Amber came to SageAge with excellent credentials honed at one of the digital industry’s business and employment-services giants, Linkedin.While at LinkedIn, she worked as an SEO specialist, building backlinks and increasing brand awareness for the company’s Jobs, Salary and Freelancer tools called ProFinder.

In that capacity, Amber worked with higher education career service departments, non-profits, Chambers of Commerce and government entities. As a team leader, she also trained and managed a team of six while working with business development to measure key performance indicators and program success. Her efforts helped to improve LinkedIn’s position on search engines, while increasing job applications and users, and improving user experience.

Prior to her career at LinkedIn, Amber served as Growth Marketing Manager for a recruitment company focused on increasing diversity in under-represented industries for women such as finance and technology. She was in charge of building awareness among business owners for the company’s online recruiting platform for remote jobs.

Using email marketing, email automations and other resources, she helped remote technology companies to improve gender diversity in the workplace.

Amber graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing from Bellevue University. She says, “Working for SageAge and working in this industry reminds me daily of what matters in life. SageAge has a passion for people, and I like being part of a team with that focus.”


I became interested in digital marketing as a sewing blogger. For over ten years, I ran a sewing blog that taught beginners how to sew: sharing tutorials, pattern reviews and resources. I have been published twice in an international sewing magazine and featured in an e-magazine for my children’s clothes. Sewing is one of my biggest passions in part because of the community and the challenge it gives. I love being able to take something two dimensional like fabric and turn it into something wearable. I’ve made dresses, jeans, coats and costumes. One of my biggest challenges was a velvet smoking jacket for my husband. I love doing email marketing because like sewing, it’s a puzzle of many pieces and I like figuring out how to fit it all together to create a successful experience for both clients and their prospects.

“I am married with three kids, Adelle (10), Adrian (7), Aria (3). Working remotely allows me to be part of their everyday while still having a rewarding career.”

Brittany Dorner, User Experience/User Interface Designer and Developer

Also a member of our high-tech Digital team, Brittany works closely with our Design group and other members of the digital team to create user-friendly, responsive websites that attract attention and promote action. In her position, Brittany utilizes heat mapping techniques, analytics, digital best practices and customer empathy to create sites that are both visually appealing and easy for consumers to navigate and use.

Before joining SageAge, Brittany sharpened her considerable skills at two different digital marketing agencies where she did graphic design, web design, web development, social media marketing, and copywriting. She was one of the members of LinkedIn’s SEO and Search Marketing project, where she helped rank the company’s Jobs, ProFinder and Salary tools on search engines.

In her most recent position, Brittany worked for a university, doing social media and search engine optimization, as well as working with the marketing and development departments on email marketing, landing pages, and advertising campaigns. While working towards her college degree, Brittany held a marketing internship at a company specializing in enterprise custom software solutions and was an associate of a Public Relations Society of America-affiliated, student-run, public relations firm.

Brittany attended the University of Nebraska Omaha, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a concentration in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in English. She says, “I love the culture of the older generations from fashion and beauty to music and architecture. Seniors have so much wisdom and memories to impart. It’s so important to hear their stories, learn from the past, and carry on those lessons.”


Last year my boyfriend, Macks, and I bought our first house — a 1924 bungalow nestled in the heart of Omaha’s oldest district. The house sits on 1.37 acres of land and leads up to Forest Lawn Cemetery, one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in Omaha. Our intent is to renovate it and slowly bring it back to its 1920’s grandeur.

I’ve always been passionate about history and especially the preservation of historic architecture. They really don’t make things like they used to! This has been a huge learning experience for working on and renovating houses. It’s not easy and I’ve learned it takes a lot of patience, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! We are doing the kitchen now, and someone put up drop-ceilings at some point. We tore it down and realized we would have to tear down the layers of plaster as well. (People used to insulate their houses with trash, as it was economical and worked!) So far, we’ve found old love letters, school notes, a signed Beatles picture (who thinks that is trash?), a solid oak table and a vintage fur hat from the J. L. Brandeis and Sons, an old store here in Omaha.

Please join us in welcoming Theresa, Amber and Brittany to our outstanding team of senior living growth professionals who are dedicated to serving you and your community. We also invite you to view our recurring senior living blog that addresses important topical issues for growth-focused senior living leaders.

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