Anonymous No More: Engage Previously Unknown Website Visitors with Reverse IP Append

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Feb 18, 2019 | Marketing & Branding

Have you ever wanted to know exactly who is visiting your community’s website? Not just the number of hits you’re getting – actual information about the anonymous visitors who’ve taken the time to click around your website, and then leave without a trace – something that is much more frequent than anyone likes to admit.

95% percent of visitors to senior living community websites leave without filling out any sort of form. Sure, you can retarget them with digital ads as they’re surfing around the web, but you still only know where they’ve come from and where they’ve been – not who they are. Not exactly a great way to build a relationship-based marketing strategy, right?

We’ve written extensively about different strategies used by various senior living communities that are successful in helping grow and convert leads. Unfortunately, all these strategies hinge on having enough information about your prospects in order to successfully market to them. If only you had a way to find out more about all those secret visitors who ghost on and off your site!

Drumroll, please – with SageAge Strategies’ new Reverse IP Append services, your secret visitors will be secret no more.

What is a reverse append? According to the article, “Forward or Reverse- Data Appends,” this type of information pull is when you obtain one field of data in one way and leverage it to gather any other data that’s tied to it. So, for example, someone visits your website, clicks around for a while, and then leaves without ever filling out your “Contact Us” form. Normally, you’d just see a hit from a certain IP address, and that’s it.

However, with Reverse IP Append, sophisticated technology identifies the IP addresses of those individuals who’ve visited your website. By using an exclusive algorithm, we’re able to retrieve those people’s home addresses – in other words, “reverse appending” that information. With that information, we’re able to send a personalized direct mail communication to those website visitors’ physical mailboxes, along with a motivating offer.

“Reverse Append direct mail can play such an important and integral role in your integrated marketing strategy because it’s a breakthrough tactic,” says Diana Moore, Vice President of Production Services at SageAge Strategies. “When a visitor leaves your website, he or she may forget about the experience relatively quickly. By following up with a tangible marketing piece a few days later, you immediately make a connection and impression, and that disruption will increase the chance of your prospect interacting with your community.”

With other Reverse IP Append programs, we can match 25 to 35 percent of your website visitors to postal addresses and email records. That’s not just useful data. That’s a game changer … and it’s just the beginning. Along with addresses, we’re also able to capture valuable information and critical data, including:

  • Full Home Address
  • Marital Status
  • Vehicle Year, Make & Model
  • Income Buying Habits
  • Lifestyle Preferences
  • 400 Additional Demographic, Geographical & Lifestyle Insights

Best of all, you don’t just receive all this valuable data … we also look through it and filter out any unwanted contacts, like those who are visiting your site to look for a job or individuals who don’t meet your financial qualifications. When all is said and done, you’ll be presented with a freshly scrubbed list of prospects who are perfectly suited for your community.

“SageAge is always looking for new, breakthrough ways to innovate the integrated marketing field that enable you to engage more successfully with potential leads,” says Diana. “Reverse IP Append is the latest in a line of client-centric technologies, and we’re looking forward to building success with our current and future clients.”

Discover how SageAge Strategies IP Append services can help you get more out of your website traffic. Contact Jason McCloud for information or to schedule your free consultation. Call 614.795.7373 or email 

Providing Cutting-Edge Technology and Integrated Marketing Strategies That Generate Results

If your senior living community needs assistance in gathering essential information from website visitors in order to effectively engage and market, SageAge Strategies can help. Our professional team of sales experts and developers excel in finding ways to assist your sales personnel in targeting leads, connecting with them in breakthrough ways and getting the foot in the door you need to begin building relationships based on trust.

Pairing cutting-edge technology with the latest best-practice knowledge of proven behavioral sales techniques, we will help you connect with prospects and leverage your community’s competitive strengths while appropriately focusing on your prospects’ specific needs and life circumstances to create successful outcomes.

SageAge Strategies: Leaders in Integrated Marketing, Consulting and Lead Generation Solutions for Senior Living

At SageAge Strategies, our marketing team excels in the latest senior living best practices such as integrated marketing and social media strategy that increase quality lead generation and grow your occupancy. If you need assistance in any areas of marketing and integrated growth strategy to improve your business results, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies that have transformed other senior living communities like yours.

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