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Jan 30, 2018 | Marketing & Branding

Knowledge is power. And applied knowledge is most powerful.

For today’s busy senior living leaders who are focused on the day-to-day, it can be a challenge to stay current on the industry’s best business practices and latest innovations – and tools that can make a meaningful difference in the success of your organization.

Keeping You Abreast of Today’s Best Senior Living Strategies

With that in mind, we are pleased to share with you our most popular blog content of the past 12 months as determined by senior living leaders nationwide. The information you’ll find is timely and relevant and will give you a strategic headstart as you tackle the challenges of 2018.

As you’ll find with all of the blogs we publish on the SageAge Strategies’ website, these topics cover best practices for the primary drivers of senior living sales and marketing success. These include lead generation strategies, digital marketing, market research, social media, referral source development, evocative marketing, behavioral sales practices and more.

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As thought leaders in marketing and consulting who work exclusively in the senior living space, we tap the expertise of our experienced specialists to give you the “ready-to-use” knowledge you need today – saving you hours on personal study, seminars and research time.

The 10 Most Popular Senior Living Articles

Based on our senior living industry readership statistics, we present to you the year’s top articles:

  1. Understanding the Importance of Diversity in Advertising – You might be doing a great job of talking to your hyper-specific audience, but you might also be missing out on an entirely different audience who has an interest in your services but doesn’t feel included. Consider the value of viewing your prospects more broadly and learn how to include more diversity in your marketing and messaging strategy.
  2. Opening the Heart: Why Emotionally Evocative Messaging Works for Senior Living Communities – Creating an emotional connection can greatly improve how your information is received, processed and responded to by your senior living prospects. Learn about the emotional priorities of older adults– especially in terms of housing and lifestyle – and how to respond to them most effectively with an evocative messaging strategy.
  3. Google’s “FRED” – What You Need to Know for Breakthrough SEO in 2017 – The SEO landscape has changed recently, and there are new rules of the game that you need to understand to keep your brand visible and competitive. Learn how the latest digital writing best practices can maximize your standing in a senior living world where online searches can make or break your lead-gen success.
  4. Refreshing Your Brand for Better Results – Ultimately, your true brand is what your customers and prospects think of you. It’s what comes to mind (and to heart) when your name is mentioned. Over time, brands can grow stale or outdated, but there are several things you can do to make sure yours remains current, resonant and appealing to today’s seniors.
  5. Focus Groups: The Secret Weapon for Resonant Messaging – Scottish poet Robert Burns wasn’t a marketing genius, but his words on “see[ing] ourselves as others see us” remain vital for senior living communities seeking to enhance their brand appeal. Learn why focus groups are an inexpensive yet highly effective means of evaluating your reputation and strengthening your strategic positioning and messaging results.
  6. Building Your Referral Source Relationships Will Boost Your Census – Research data shows that referred individuals are more likely to become residents and are typically more cost-efficient to cultivate than unreferred prospects. To maximize your marketing budget and your bottom line, read about the five ways you can build an effective referral development program.
  7. Post Harvey-Irma Wake-Up Call: Is Your Disaster Plan Ready to Roll? – The need for disaster response and crisis communications can come at any time – often unexpectedly. In senior living, being prepared is more than just a business imperative. It’s a moral obligation. Learn how you can plan and prepare for the worst, should disaster strike your community.
  8. Incorporating Direct Mail into Your Integrated Marketing Strategy – Often overshadowed by the latest “shiny new thing,” direct mail should remain a valuable part of any comprehensive lead generation strategy. Learn why direct mail is a consistently effective way to reach your senior living audience, as well as ways to make it most effective.
  9. Digital Marketing Has Totally Changed Strategy. Have You Updated Yours? – Digital (online) marketing has become a major force in business-to-consumer strategy and is now outpacing more traditional marketing approaches in performance and results. Read how digital strategies improve your ability to reach your senior living audience in ways that are more timely, relevant and engaging than traditional forms of marketing.
  10. 5 Proven Engagement Marketing Strategies that Boost Senior Living Leads – Personal engagement, relationship building and trust are critical to senior living marketing success. Learn what factors are most important in creating a successful social engagement strategy and what specific communication tools and techniques have proven effective for building personal engagement.

Are you using the latest digital writing techniques and aligning your content with the current SEO algorithm guidelines for maximum visibility? Have you used focus groups or other market research tools to sharpen your strategy and messaging? Are there opportunities in your market to profitably expand your prospect base? Are you utilizing evocative messaging that targets seniors’ most important emotional priorities?

We hope you find these articles helpful and thought-provoking.. All of these tactics are currently being used successfully by various SageAge client-partners across the country. We’d love to hear your thoughts, which we welcome in the comments section below!

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