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Leading Age 2017

Oct 12, 2017 | Updates about SageAge

There’s a chill in the air and it won’t be long until the 2017 Leading Age Annual Meeting & EXPO on October 29 – November 1, in New Orleans. Always one of senior living’s premier educational events, this year’s conference promises to be one of the best ever. And of course, SageAge Strategies will be right there for all the excitement.

Many changes are occurring in the senior living and senior care space in terms of what consumers expect, how we translate their needs and preferences into viable solutions and how we attract, engage and retain them. The stakes are high and SageAge Strategies is committed to remaining on the leading edge of new knowledge for our client-partners across the U.S. Thought leadership is one of our principal assets, and we view the Leading Age Annual Meeting as a valuable opportunity for learning, sharing and networking with other professionals in senior living.

In addition to specific learning tracks, this year’s program highlights several different areas of interest, such as dementia, technology, facility management and wellness that can be useful in creating your own personalized schedule.

As always, SageAge will have a major presence at the meeting with several members of our executive leadership team in attendance, including:

  • Faith Ott, President & Executive Consultant

We hope you have the opportunity to meet them and benefit from their vast knowledge of senior living and, in particular, fully integrated growth strategies, lead-generation enhancement, data-driven decision making and the latest in game-changing digital marketing solutions.

Please Visit Us at the SageAge Strategies Booth

While you’re enjoying the conference, we invite you to visit us at the SageAge Strategies Booth #1150 in the exhibitor area. We’d love meet you!

Whether it’s to just say hi, to answer your questions or to discuss a problem you’re currently dealing with, we are at the conference for you! Our subject matter experts are thought leaders in the key areas that are driving senior living growth today, and they have extensive expertise they’d love to share.

If you’d like to pre-schedule some time to talk about market research, marketing and advertising, sales, development or operational consulting, simply email Melinda Schmitz at melinda@sageagestrategies.com.  Melinda will connect you with the appropriate experts at the time that’s convenient for you.

Ask us about how we’re using the latest in digital marketing techniques to optimize lead generation. Or how our digital writing best practices are boosting our client-partners’ search engine rankings and visibility. Or how social marketing, marketing research and integrated sales and marketing strategy enable you to get the most out of your marketing budget and ROI.

And Check Out Our Blog for Senior Living Leaders

For more information on our latest best-practice lead generation techniques, growth strategies, market research and digital marketing advances that achieve marketplace success, we invite you to visit SageAge Strategies’ educational blog on our website.

SageAge Strategies – Mature Market Growth Experts

Operating exclusively in the senior living and senior care space, SageAge Strategies has been solving problems and finding solutions to the needs of growth-oriented senior living and senior care providers nationwide for over thirty years.

With experienced professionals focused on the building blocks of senior living success today, we specialize in strategic growth planning, the latest in digital marketing, market research, best-practice sales and marketing, social media, direct marketing, branding, website optimization, sales training and creative services — all designed to enable senior living organizations to grow sales in existing markets while creating a presence in profitable new ones.

Learn more today about our award-winning growth services by calling us now at 570-601-1720 ext. 100 / adrienne@sageagestrategies.com.

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