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Breaking News for Your Marketing ROI: Next-Gen Message Targeting Just Changed the Game


Aug 9, 2017 | Marketing & Branding

You work diligently to create a cost-effective marketing plan that will boost your lead generation and improve your ROI. You make sure your strategy checks all the appropriate boxes.

Geographic market information? Check!

Consumer demographic data? Check!

Multi-channel media strategy? Check!

Value proposition? Check!

Key points of differentiation? Check!

Message alignment with what your prospects value most????? Uhhhh…

“Sometimes the best laid marketing plans go awry, says Adrienne Mansfield-Straub, Director of Integrated Strategy at SageAge Strategies. “And oftentimes it’s the lack of an effective connection between the message you’re sending and what your target audience truly values and will resonate with them.”

Right Audience + Wrong Message = Costly Missed Opportunities

How well do you really know your target audience? Do you have in-depth knowledge of their key motivators and emotional triggers?

Today, it’s easy to gather geo-based information and demographic data through data mining your own database that helps you paint a picture of who your target prospects are. The much more difficult part is understanding how they think and what they value most, then creating resonant messages that can move them to take action.

Heretofore, it’s been a real challenge to truly understand what your prospects are thinking and to identify those behavioral factors that will motivate a response.

Until now.

An Advanced Lifestyle Information System Enables Connecting Like Never Before

Adrienne adds, “The ability to organize actionable psychographic information that accurately captures the values, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, preferences and motivations of senior adult prospects and their adult children in specific geographic locations has always been extremely challenging – unless you were willing to make a major financial investment in a large-scale customized research study.

“But now, a next generation household-based lifestyle information system called Mosaic® USA  is making this possible and benefiting senior living providers across the country who are able to leverage this useful data and utilize it to effectively create an impactful message. SageAge is now using this game-changing tool to help our client-partners sharpen their content crafting and targeting to previously unachievable levels for lead generation.”

The Mosaic USA system segments and classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods into 71 unique types and 19 overarching groups, providing a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, values and habits. It is the most advanced consumer lifestyle segmentation available today.

This groundbreaking information system paints a rich psychographic picture of U.S. consumers and their unique lifestyles, behaviors, and culture, providing marketers with the most accurate and comprehensive view of their customers, prospects, and markets to date. In addition to guiding your message with much greater precision, the tool is also an excellent source of lists for your direct mail and email campaigns.

Using this advanced tool, senior living sales and marketing teams can anticipate the behavior, attitudes, and preferences of their best prospects and reach them in the most effective traditional and digital channels with more relevant messages and calls to action.

The Mind-Message Connection: Understanding What Your Prospects Really Want to Hear

Says Adrienne, “Depending on where you’re located, your prospects could have very different interests, priorities and expectations in mind when it comes to the senior living experience. Therefore, your message needs to speak to them in ways that are most meaningful to them to achieve a response. Our work with client-partners around the country has demonstrated just that.

“For some prospective customers, the concept of ‘value’ is clearly most important.” ‘What am I getting for my hard-earned money? Is the fee all-inclusive or will there be additional charges for services I might want?’

“For others, it’s all about lifestyle and active living. ‘I want mom to have an active and engaging lifestyle where all of her days are filled with life-enriching activities, wellness programs, tours, theme parties, outings and opportunities for daily socialization.’

“And for still others – in more rural settings, for example – it’s the personalized care and the concept of neighbors helping neighbors that’s paramount. ‘I want mom to be cared for by someone who treats her just like family,’ is a common theme.”

“Whatever their mindset, you can now have the insight to reach them with the emotionally evocative words and phrases they want to hear, and need to hear to get an extremely complex decision making process started.”

What the Next-Gen Lifestyle Information System Means for You

With this advanced system, you can discover the unique sources of entertainment, preferred means of advertising, enjoyed activities, and other behavioral traits that are specific to the older adult and adult child audiences you want to reach. Creating relevant messages that truly engage your target prospects will ensure your brand stays relevant in the competitive marketplace

Specifically, this next-gen system enables you to achieve:

  • More accurate prospect targeting

  • Precision messaging that resonates, motivates and activates

  • Increased ROI through a better return on your marketing spend

  • More effective relationship building

  • Optimal channel selection for your media strategy based on current behaviors

Adrienne adds, “You might have the ideal senior living community, but if you are only listing your competitive differentiators, prospective customers aren’t hearing about what’s most important to them, and you could be wasting a lot of time, effort and marketing dollars. A better understanding of your prospects’ behavioral motivators can also have additional benefits, such as helping you to plan new programs and services or to rethink or reorganize your current services offerings to better fit your customers’ preferences.”

An Exceptional Value for SageAge Client-Partners

Although the annual licensing fee for Mosaic can be rather substantial for some senior living communities, SageAge Strategies provides this advanced marketing service to our client-partners for only $150.00. This makes it an exceptional investment for any senior care or senior living community seeking to leverage its marketing budget for maximum lead generation results and ROI. But to ensure getting the most out of your investment, the key is to partner with a marketing team that knows how to help you put that information to its best use.

SageAge Strategies: Leaders in Growth-Focused Marketing Strategy and Tactics

At SageAge Strategies, our integrated marketing professionals excel in the latest best practices such as lifestyle information systems, digital marketing and multi-channel messaging to create cohesive strategies that increase quality lead generation and grow your occupancy.

If you need assistance in any areas of integrated growth strategy to improve your results, we invite you to contact us today to learn more.

SageAge Strategies is a multiple award-winning, strategic growth, marketing and consulting organization that operates exclusively in the unique senior living industry. For more information, please call or email Adrienne Mansfield Straub at 570-601-1720 ext.100 /

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