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Aug 10, 2016 | Updates about SageAge

We Are Pleased to Welcome Jennifer Lottis, Senior Living Marketing & Sales Consultant

Our professional staff is growing yet again with the addition of Jennifer Lottis. As a consultant, Jennifer will serve the marketing and sales needs of our growing numbers of client-partners in the senior living and senior care industry – our company’s exclusive focus.

Jennifer brings nearly a decade of executive-level experience and expertise in senior living to SageAge as well as an impressive record of increasing responsibility based on her exceptional accomplishments for client communities. In her key role with SageAge, Jennifer will work directly with senior management and on-site sales and marketing teams to implement growth-based marketing, lead generation and sales strategies for communities.

Within the sales and marketing areas, she excels at increasing the performance of sales teams to build stronger relationships with prospects that ultimately result in increased move-ins.

The Ideal Skill Set for Today’s Senior Living Growth Demands

Jennifer is ideally positioned for her consulting responsibilities with SageAge based on her extensive training and highly pertinent experience.

She is fully trained in the Prospect-Centered SellingSM model and is a Certified Trainer and Consultant in both the One On One sales and marketing approach and Sherpa. In that role, she has trained and coached senior living professionals in communities across the nation. In addition, Jennifer has delivered measurable results while working in both the community side and the agency side of the senior living profession – in some instances taking low-performing communities to 100 percent capacity with waiting lists.

A History of Achievement in Senior Living

In addition to serving as a senior executive with a well-known senior lead aggregation company, Jennifer also held positions of increasing responsibility with Emeritus, ERA Living and Wesley Homes where she successfully implemented growth initiatives across the entire continuum of senior housing options.

Prior to beginning her professional career, Jennifer completed her college education at Eastern Washington University.

In describing her commitment to seniors and senior living, Jennifer says, “I enjoy helping communities understand how to truly focus on what’s right for families as Priority One. And I have seen time and time again, across all kinds of communities, when you focus on the relationship, the occupancy and retention numbers follow.”

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer to the SageAge Strategies Professional Consulting Team!

SageAge Strategies – Mature Market Growth Experts

Operating exclusively in senior living and senior care, SageAge Strategies has been solving problems and finding solutions to the needs of growth-oriented senior living and senior care providers nationwide for over 30 years.

With experienced consultants and subject experts focused on the primary drivers of senior living success today, we specialize in Consulting, Market Research, Creative, Digital Media and Direct Marketing – all designed to enable senior living organizations to grow sales in existing markets while creating a presence in profitable new ones.

SageAge Strategies has consistently demonstrated its leadership through both our client-partners’ results and industry acclaim.

Learn more about our award-winning growth services by calling us today at 570-601-1720.

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