This Month, We’re Celebrating 30 Years of Success – Ours and Yours!


Aug 26, 2015 | Updates about SageAge


This August marks a very special milestone in the history of SageAge Strategies. It was 30 years ago on August 3, 1985, that what is now SageAge Strategies was born.

From modest beginnings as a regional marketing and consulting firm, we have evolved and grown into a national leader in strategic growth services, operating exclusively in the senior living and senior care industry. Last year, we received the honor of being recognized by Inc. magazine on their exclusive Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America and the only such organization operating in the senior living industry.

As founder and president of SageAge Strategies, I’d like to use this occasion to express my sincere appreciation to our many long-term clients as well as our continuously growing list of new clients. Our journey to becoming a recognized thought leader and service provider would not have been possible without your trust, confidence and partnership.

Approximately 14 years ago, EPOCH separated from the local marketing firm we had been using and hired Faith and SageAge Strategies. I had some initial misgivings because SageAge was not local, but my concerns quickly evaporated as they worked with us on various projects critical to our growth. Our trust and confidence in their expertise has grown even stronger in recent years, and the addition of Melinda Schmitz to our account has provided us with a wonderfully talented strategic thinker, problem solver and catalyst for growth. Clearly, our long- term partnership with SageAge has been instrumental to our organization’s success, and we look forward to the future supported by their vision and expertise in the senior living marketplace.”

– Joanna Cormac-Burt, Chief Operating Officer,
EPOCH Senior Living, Waltham, MA

A Continuing Commitment to Service, Solutions and Value

For 30 years now, we have been solving problems and finding solutions to the needs of growth-oriented senior living and senior care providers nationwide. With experienced subject experts focused on today’s primary drivers of senior living success, we specialize in strategic growth planning, market research, best-practice sales and marketing, social media, direct marketing, branding, website optimization, digital marketing, sales training and creative services — all designed to enable senior living organizations to grow in existing markets while creating a presence in profitable new ones.

We also understand that time is money. At SageAge, you’ll find that our customer service mentality and project turnaround times are unmatched in the senior living industry.

“Thanks, Faith. No way could this have all happened without the great team and partners we have. There are no words of thanks which could fully express my appreciation for all you have offered Abe’s Garden. I don’t think we could be sharing this level of success without it! Please let your team know how grateful we are for their talents and gifts you’ve all shared!”

Judy Given, Director of Campus Development,
Abe’s Garden, Nashville, TN

Eyes Fixed Firmly on the Future

We also recognize that yesterday’s success does not guarantee tomorrow’s. The senior living environment is constantly changing and evolving and will do so at an even faster rate as Baby Boomers influence our market. Together with our client-partners, we need to stay ahead of the curve in order to remain relevant, vital and growing.

With that in mind, SageAge continues to import top talent in areas that will spell future success for our client-partners. Examples include conversion management, social media, optimized website architecture, user-experience design and occupancy enhancement.

Of particular significance, we have made a substantial investment in digital strategy and marketing tactics.Going forward, responsive digital strategies and technologies will play a large and increasingly important role in reaching, informing, engaging and converting senior living prospects into residents.

With the priority goal of becoming the industry leader in this area, we recently hired Jason McCloud as our vice president of Digital and Integrated Strategy. Jason is ideally equipped for his new role at SageAge, bringing an impressive record of accomplishment as a digital strategies executive in the senior living industry. Over the past decade, he has held leadership positions with two of the nation’s biggest names in the senior living provider industry, as well as a key management role with one of the country’s leading national referral organizations for consumers.

The SageAge team has made BAYADA’s​ entry into the senior living industry amazingly simple and seamless. Their unequaled knowledge of the market, business expertise and immediate grasp of our brand’s mission, vision and business objectives has enabled us to move forward quickly and effortlessly. In contrast to other firms I have worked with, it has been refreshing to have a business partner like SageAge that “gets it right” the first time with so little need for my personal time, involvement and oversight. I have also been extremely impressed by their quality, turnaround times, personal dedication to our work and ability to elevate and enhance our brand messaging. They deliver great value to the BAYADA brand and are an ideal partner for our successful future.”

– Sarah Walmsley, Director of Senior Living Sales & Marketing,
BAYADA Home Health Care, Moorestown, NJ

Partners in Growth

When you partner with us, there is no learning curve. The senior living industry has been our exclusive focus since we opened our doors more than three decades ago. Our goal is to become your trusted counselor and adviser. We believe that our client-partner relationships transcend individual marketing campaigns and sales initiatives with something even more valuable – critical insight, information and innovation that achieves results.

“Faith and SageAge Strategies are like family to us. We first met Faith and her team in 2009 when Tom, Jr. and I started Clarity Pointe. We were interviewing consultants to help us achieve our vision for a unique brand of Alzheimer’s care that focused on creating living neighborhoods for loved ones and their families as well as supporting at-home caregivers in the community who also needed help. After interviewing Faith and her team, I turned to my son, Tom and said, “Why even bother to interview anyone else?” Since that day SageAge has been an invaluable business partner in our success, handling everything from branding to marketing to evidence-based design and programming. They are wonderful people and highly skilled professionals who have been a primary reason why our vision for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease has become a reality.” 

Thomas F. Schaffler, Sr., Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Clarity Pointe,
 Memphis, TN

Again, our sincere thanks to our wonderful client-partners for your belief and support.  If we can be of service to your organization, I invite you to contact us for a free growth consultation. Learn more by calling or emailing Adrienne Mansfield Straub today at 570-601-1720 ext. 100 /


Faith Ott

Faith Ott

President & Executive Consultant

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