High Quality Photos and Video: Why a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (and Views)


Mar 17, 2015 | Marketing & Branding

We’re all familiar with the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” As old as this phrase is, it is still highly descriptive and relevant.

In today’s world of e-commerce with senior living “shoppers” using the Internet as their “go-to” medium for seeking information, we could also say, “A picture (and video) is worth a thousand views.”

Research has shown that relevant visuals – both photos and videos – promote viewer engagement and create interest in the accompanying written content. This is particularly important for adult children who are typically busy, in a hurry, easily bored and used to shopping on sites with rich visual content.   

The Right Photos and Images Increase Engagement with Your Brand

Relevant visuals promote consumer engagement and create readership for your written content. For example, a block of written content is significantly more likely to attract attention and be read if it includes high quality, relevant imagery to attract the reader’s eye. Take advantage of the fact that we are highly visual creatures!

Combining striking visuals with compelling messages and an eye-catching layout and design has proven to significantly increase interest in your all-important messaging. However, choosing the right visuals is extremely important as irrelevant, confusing or poor quality visuals can hinder your brand message.

The measurable value of a visually appealing, relevant and inspiring brand presentation explains why corporate giants such as Procter & Gamble spend millions of dollars on consumer research each year to achieve the right “look” for their products. They continuously evaluate how the visual presentation of their various brands – the colors, images and words – resonate with potential buyers of their products.

When planning your visual content, you should keep the following “best practices” in mind:

  • Make sure your images are relevant to the message you are attempting to convey. Your photos and other images should help to support and amplify your written content by translating it visually.

  • Choose visuals that connect on a human emotional level and reflect the special care and attention you provide to your residents and families. As you know, senior living decisions are often emotional.

  • Don’t use photos just because they look nice. Disconnected photos and visuals can be confusing and can limit the power of your messaging.

  • Always maintain the high quality of your brand. Be wary of low-quality stock photography. Remember, your visuals must be relevant to your message as well as nice looking, and the quality of stock photos is sometimes below standard. What your prospects see in your website, blogs and marketing materials reflect directly on their perception of the quality of your brand.

  • Show off your “brand.” Let your customers see your community’s benefits, advantages and key points of differentiation. Do you have beautiful new or renovated resident suites, common areas, dining areas or wellness facilities? Do you have a vibrant social environment with a multitude of activities, events, outings and theme parties? Do you have successful resident programming that brings enjoyment and enhances their well-being and lifestyle? The real people that define your community and make it special are better than any stock photo models.

Multiple Generations Award winner, Rachel Fox, Creative Director, says, “High-quality materials are a must. They express the quality of your community and offerings. You don’t want to create a beautiful collateral piece or website only to knock it down a few notches with non-professional photography/videography. Contracted, professional photography is a great investment in that you are able to use high-quality images of your community, staff and even residents – images that no one else will be using in their marketing. This makes you stand out and allows you to convey the quality and feel of your community.”

Video Highlights Your Community’s Values and Advantages

“Demonstration marketing,” also known as problem-solution advertising, is considered one of the most powerful and compelling forms of marketing communication. As the name implies, this form of marketing literally shows your prospective customers how your community can solve their problems, meet their needs and provide the kind of quality lifestyle they seek. Video provides the ideal medium for conveying how your brand provides real value to prospective clients.

Done well, videography can bring your community to life in ways that static forms of communication simply cannot.

Keys Ways That Video Elevates Your Brand’s Performance

In the About.com article, “Top Reasons to Use Video on Your Website,” digital video expert Gretchen Siegchrist shares several important reasons why video can boost your brand equity. For example:

  • Use video to turn a static website into a dynamic, interactive destination.

  • Demonstration videos (which show how your community responds to senior adults’ problems, needs and preferences) are some of the most popular videos on the web, and organizations can use them to educate, engage and inspire prospective customers.

  • Videos help to promote your expertise on a particular topic, (e.g. the value of social engagement programming to reconnect with loved ones with memory loss).

  • Video can drive traffic to your website. Done the right way, video can boost your brand’s SEO. YouTube is owned by Google, so videos posted there will have an edge when it comes to video SEO. You can post your videos on various sites around the web, but don’t ignore YouTube if you want a video SEO boost.

  • Videos can provide a personal face for your community. It’s easy to use video to give a human face to your website. Examples of using video to engage web viewers include, a short video welcoming visitors to your website; customer testimonial videos that promote your company’s value from a resident or a family member’s perspective; and videos that introduce your executives and employees to viewers.

  • Video can also enable you to stand out from the competition. Web video is becoming more and more widespread, but many senior lifestyle communities are not yet using it. Video can be an effective brand differentiator that adds more interest, appeal and engagement to your brand and creates a more enjoyable and useful user experience.

Used effectively, photos and video are powerful tools for increasing prospects’ interest and engagement with your brand. Together, they also bring to life the special people, programs and services that make your community a special place for older adults.

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