The Power of “UX”: How User Experience Techniques Can Transform Your Website and Boost Your Leads


Jan 7, 2015 | Social Media & Online

Does your website provide your prospective customers with the most pleasant user experience possible? Does it connect with them on a human emotional level and create a positive vibe about your senior living community? Does your site have the “curb appeal” and visual connectivity that effectively represents the vitality of your brand? Is it easy for prospects to navigate around your site and locate the information they are seeking? Does your content focus on what your customers truly value, and does it provide them with useful information and effective solutions to their problems? Is using your website a pleasure or a frustration for users?

UX Can Transform Your Online “Self” and Optimize Sales Funnel Activity

All of these issues are important to prospective customers today who overwhelmingly use the internet as their primary “go to” medium for researching and shopping for senior living options. It is in this complex realm that the art and science of User Experience (UX) Design operates. Done well, it can transform the entire dynamic of how your customers experience your online “self” and form their perceptions of your community. Most importantly, it can provide you with a significant competitive advantage that creates more activity at the top of your sales funnel.

According to leading website development and online technology experts, such as Mr. Alex Boyce, Director of Technology & Online Marketingfor SageAge Strategies, the basic purpose of User Experience (UX) Design is to enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by improving the functionality, ease of use and pleasure provided in the interaction with your organization’s website. User Experience design begins with traditional, best-practice design strategies and expands on that foundation by capturing all key aspects of a product or service as perceived by users. In other words, the process begins with your customers and translates their needs, problems, questions and emotions into a value-based, multi-dimensional experience with your website.

Mr. Boyce says, “User Experience or ‘UX’ Design is a relatively new concept that utilizes innovative web design techniques that incorporate a visually appealing, user-friendly, and value-laden mosaic of sights, sounds, information and actions that create total brand engagement and an optimized online experience for your customers. UX should be personalized, intuitive and address all key touch points a customer can have with your community. In its simplest definition, optimized UX makes a website easy to use and beneficial to users, making it a key component of a community’s top of the sales funnel strategy.”

The Benefits of UX Design

According to the article,The web designer’s guide to user experience,” when people talk about UX Design for the web, they’re referring to everything that fashions user experience: interface design, information architecture, usability and product design, that encompasses the presentation, interaction and organization of online services.

Clearleft’s User Experience Director, Andy Budd, says, “The process for UX Design is therefore about understanding and designing a user’s experience from start to finish, not just what a website looks like or how it functions.”

Luke Wroblewski, Senior Principal of Product Ideation and Design at Yahoo, adds, “There are now so many websites that functionality and technology are baseline features and users differentiate on the basis of how something works through the experience they have with it. When competing services are a click away, managing that experience and giving people something they really want to use goes a long way to getting people interested in your output.”

While there have been many changes in the web design strategy over the years, the fact remains that the websites that consistently rise above the crowd are the ones that are most pleasant to use. Today, the primary force behind how we create websites for senior living communities is the experience we want to give to the people who use them.

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