Content Marketing and Social Media: Tips to Pump Up the Volume on Your Blog Performance


Nov 19, 2014 | Social Media & Online

Online marketing experts continue to rate blogging as one of the most effective tactics for engaging customers and boosting your brand visibility and value in a meaningful, customer-centered way. Today, many communities have joined the crowd and now post blogs on their websites.

It seemed like the cool thing to do, right? So why are so many blogs sitting on websites gathering dust instead of gathering interest and leads for their communities?

Why Blogs Remain Very Important

Make no mistake, blogging is and will continue to be a very important part of an effective integrated marketing strategy. Blogging is an ideal vehicle for communicating your key content to your target audiences by addressing topics that respond directly to their primary interests, problems and needs. Blogs enable you to provide consumers with answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and valuable information that they are seeking. For consumers, these can be compelling reasons for making contact and ultimately choosing your community.   

Key Reasons Why Blogs Fail or Underperform

When blogs underachieve, or don’t accomplish the desired results, the problem usually lies in the execution and not the strategy itself. Today there are several reasons why some blogs are not reaching their full potential.

Alex Boyce, multiple Web Health Award winner and SageAge Strategies’ Director of Technology and Online Marketing, says, “Many of the problems communities have today with their blogs revolve around a few distinct and fixable issues. For example, is your blog content consistently relevant to your prospects needs and does it provide real value to them? Not only is this important to the people you are trying to reach, but it also helps you achieve a higher search ranking based on the current algorithms used by Google and others.

Also, is it easy to find your blog on your website? And are you providing your readers with visible social media icons so they can share your information easily on Twitter and Facebook? Is your blog and other content accessible across all media channels? If your content is not available on today’s mobile devices, you are severely limiting yourself. Mobile devices now account for over 50 percent of all internet traffic. Think adult children.”

“Further, are you doing your blog on a regular schedule (e.g. once a week or twice per month), and are you consistently sharing your blogs through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to optimize your exposure? Your blog format is also a key to readership and performance. Is your blog a solid wall of text or do you organize your content for readers by using descriptive subheads, providing key information in easy-to-digest bullet points, and imbedding internal links to other useful information on your site? Relevant, eye-catching visuals also add to your blog’s appeal and enhance the reader’s experience.”   

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Blogs

In her article, “The Five Must-Have Traits of an Optimized Blog,” Hayley Mullen echoes the importance of great content and using evidence-based blog tactics.

She states, “Content marketing is here to stay. In fact, the term “content marketing” is becoming redundant as content becomes integral to any marketing strategy. Good content marketing is no longer just about great content; it’s about the entire content experience you’re giving your audience.

So what creates a great content experience?

  • Content That’s Super Targeted Focus on whom you want to reach and what it is they want, and need. Start by creating your buyer profiles, e.g. retired couples, adult children, etc. and then make sure every blog post you write is targeted to at least one of them. You can use Google Analytics to keep an eye on your blog post performance and make sure you’re creating content will bring in qualified traffic.
  • Navigation That Makes Sense Your visitors don’t want to have search for content; you don’t want them to have to, either. Creating a clear path that allows people to discover more content that’s relevant to them means deeper engagement and more quality time on your site. People aren’t necessarily looking for an e-book vs. a blog post so much as they’re looking for an answer to a question or more information about a specific topic.
  • Easy Sharing for Maximum Caring Make sharing icons readily available and visible. People are busy! If they took time out of their day to read your blog post, don’t ask them for more effort just because they’d like to share it—especially since they’re choosing to basically promote you for free. Make it as instantaneous as possible for someone to go from thinking, “Hey, this is interesting,” to clicking that Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ button.
  • Content That Works Anywhere If your blog isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing a lot of opportunities for audience engagement and potential leads. The amazing content experience you’re providing your readers should extend to wherever they are, and more and more that’s on the go.
  • The Right Calls to Action, in the Right Place, at the Right Time When creating a “CTA,” put yourself in the readers’ position and think about whether it’s truly relevant to them. Ask yourself why they’re reading this post and what else you can offer them that will provide real value and turn them into a lead.

By seeing the world through the eyes of your customers and applying blogging best practices to each blog you create, you can significantly increase the probability of gaining attention, generating interest and attracting high potential leads.

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