Leads Database Analysis: Are Your Leads Generating Sales or Wasting Your Time?


Nov 5, 2014 | Marketing & Branding

Years ago, one of my professors at the Wharton School used the expression, “garbage in, garbage out” to describe the importance of using high quality data as the foundation of actionable market research. His point was that your research findings and conclusions are only as good as the information you are basing them on. The same logic can be applied to senior living sales today and the quality of the leads going into your sales funnel. Similar to the “garbage in, garbage out” example, if you are spending your time following up on low potential leads, the chances are good that your sales productivity is suffering and you are wasting valuable time – yours and your community’s! 

Identify and Focus Your Sales Efforts on the Highest Value Prospects

In today’s world of best-practice processes and evidence-based strategies, there are proven ways that you can objectively and effectively assess the leads in your system, organize them according to their true sales potential and focus your sales team on those with the highest potential of conversion. By doing so, you can deploy your sales assets in the most cost-efficient manner, boost sales team morale and see faster increases in occupancy.

Melinda Schmitz, experienced senior living sales and marketing expert and Senior Consultant for SageAge Strategies, says, “So often we feel the solution is more leads and we forget to shop the existing database. We often know who the top leads are, but likely have potential conversions that have been long forgotten, particularly among those communities with large prospect databases. Knowing the likelihood of lead conversions based on previous interactions with your community is critical to individualizing your follow up and turning warm prospects into residents.”

Start Converting Your Best Leads into Sales Today

Leading sales consulting organizations often provide this type of formal analytical service. For example, SageAge Strategies recently introduced a new service, “Taking the Lead,” for growth-oriented senior living communities.This detailed process uses the following steps to assess, organize and optimize your leads in order to assure your sales funnel is operating at the highest level possible:

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current data base
  • Analyze the potential of all of your leads
  • Determine the viability of your prospects
  • Categorize your leads in order of value and viability
  • Present a detailed action plan based on our leads assessment and prioritization process 

Expert Sales Conversion Help is Available 

If you’ve been frustrated with your conversion rate, you can put an end to wasting your time, money and energy on working the wrong leads in the wrong way. Make the most out of the leads you already have in your database with targeted and strategic follow-up. If you are looking for assistance in conducting an intensive leads database analysis to jump-start your sales, we encourage you to contact us for more information. SageAge Strategies is an award-winning strategic growth and consulting organization that operates exclusively in the senior living industry and was recently named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. For more information, please call or e-mail Adrienne Mansfield Straub at 570-601-1720 / adrienne@sageagestrategies.com. You can also visit us on our website at https://www.sageage.com/.

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