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Jun 4, 2014 | Social Media & Online

SageAge Strategies combines 25 years of successful senior living experience with the most leading-edge social media strategies today to grow your organization. As an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, SageAge can assist you with strategizing, engaging and sparking conversation to ensure your social media marketing efforts are strategically sound and produce measurable results.

SageAge’s social media strategy incorporates positive inbound links using consistently fresh and relevant content to build your audience and actively engage users to drive traffic to your website. An engaging social media campaign also serves to enhance brand awareness and reinforce your positioning in the competitive market. Our social media campaign strategy is evidence based and utilizes Google’s organic search ranking algorithm to increase website search engine optimization (SEO). 

The social media campaign is driven by the customized content SageAge creates for your website blog and supplemented through research to identify engaging and educational links and graphics. An advertising campaign designed to continually grow your target audience organically will be implemented to generate leads as well as to engage and communicate with a large range of potential users of your services.

Strategic Social Media Services Include:

  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation: Expert Platform Setup & Programming, Engaging & Optimized Content, Professional Account Management
  • Expert Content Creation: Professional Blog Writing, Strategic Viral Content Research
  • Targeted Online Advertising: Exceptional Creative, Strategic Inbound Link Campaigns, Analytical Reporting & Forecasting

SageAge will enable you to integrate strategic social media into your marketing plans through all social media platforms, advertisements and blog posts. You will continue to grow your audience organically, generate leads and engage and communicate with a large range of potential clients, all while powering your website to be more prominent and valuable to consumers and referral sources online.

Using Social Media to Create a Fully Integrated Growth Strategy

For growth-oriented senior living communities and health-related organizations today, a sound social media strategy should be an integral part of the total marketing program. Your community events and outreach activities should now be viewed in the context of how they fit into your overall social media strategy. They represent an ideal opportunity for positive social interaction with the surrounding community. Social media becomes a vehicle that can take virtually anything positive that is happening and turn it into a valuable marketing opportunity. Social media, which is increasing in usage and popularity every day, becomes a way to supercharge and magnify your marketing efforts.

The overarching goal for senior living organizations today is to become the recognized “go to” resource for all things related to senior care and senior lifestyles. This involves a strategic shift from an “advertising/event mindset” to becoming a valuable and valued educational resource for your community. Ultimately your social media strategy is not just about getting your name in the marketplace, it is about getting prospects to visit your community and to choose your community as the best option over competing communities or remaining in the home.

Specific Goals that Support Your Community’s Growth

SageAge works with our client-partners to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes social media as a vehicle to accomplish the following key goals:

  • Building Credibility – Even if never spoken, families have two questions: Will mom or dad be safe here? Will mom or dad be happier here above all other options? When social media is effectively implemented, it will build credibility, trust and confidence – the keys to the “purchase decision.” 
  • Storytelling – Storytelling is the oldest and most effective form of marketing that exists. It grabs the heart, builds credibility and is most powerful when it is a resident or their family member that is telling the story. Social media is the only effective way to tell fresh stories to a large audience.
  • Crowd Sourcing – This is a business term for “viral marketing.” If you tell compelling stories and provide useful information, the crowd will tell your story for you. They will pass the stories on to their families and friends, to people you might never be able to reach directly through traditional marketing approaches.
  • Content Marketing – For most communities, finding time to write, knowing what to write and actually writing it effectively is often a significant challenge. Yet creating valuable content on a consistent basis is a powerful way for you to stay personally connected with your prospects, your family members and your referral sources. SageAge excels at creating relevant, compelling and engaging content that will garner your customer’s interest, attention and response.  
  • E-mail — E-mail is the tool that supports and reinforces the above tasks. It is how you get the word out.
  • Assessment – Finally, it is essential to continually assess the effectiveness of your efforts and to make minor adjustments or radical changes based on the findings.

Contact Us Today to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy for Optimal Connectivity and Growth.

If you are a senior living provider considering the need for assistance in how to develop an effective social media program and an integrated growth strategy, contact us today at 570-601-1720. Our experienced team of social media, SEO, strategic marketing and creative design professionals will help you create a comprehensive, evidence-based strategy to ensure your growth plan is based on the most current and effective tools available today.

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