What Would Transform Your Organization?


Dec 5, 2013 | Marketing & Branding

It’s an interesting question. For some, it would be an endowment that smooths the waters of uncertain funding each year. For others, it would be a gift to cover capital improvements sorely needed to increase revenue with better census. It could be seed money to begin a new service line, meeting an emerging community need or adding new revenue sources.

Dream a little. No, dream a lot.

Maybe the largest gift your organization has ever received is $25,000. A $250,000 gift would be enough to fund the establishment of a new home care program that would serve your campus and the greater community. It could be self-sustaining but the seed money to hire staff, write procedures, buy supplies and equipment and begin operations is just impossible. Or is it?

Now you need a dreamer who has benefactor potential.

Begin to think about who would dream with you and who could actually make such a dream come true. Yes, we are thinking about an audacious ask. But first, the donors need to have the same dream. This dream must become their mission. Blend their mission and yours. Everyone wins.

Sometimes a transformational gift can be a blended gift. That is a gift that includes a capital gift, a commitment to large annual gifts and/or a planned gift such as a bequest. For example, a healthcare organization was working with a donor who was going to give $50,000 to a capital campaign. The staff was able to transform this into a million dollar commitment from her family. Want to hear more? Call Freddi.

No one comes to mind…

Let’s dream together. Did your home care agency help a lady who has no heirs and owns a home? Do you have a board member who is very philanthropic but has only made small gifts to your organization because that is your expectation of him? Are the children of a resident very successful and very grateful for their mother’s lifestyle on your campus? Would they love to name something in her honor while she is alive? Who are the original board members who established your organization and want to be sure it grows to the next level and thrives in the future?

Transformational Gifts Do Not Replace a Solid Business Plan

Many organizations are so entrenched in survival that they don’t make strategic plans to get out of this mode of operation. SageAge specializes in strategic business growth. A key part of the plan could be a transformational gift. Such a gift is rare in our industry but not uncommon in other not-for-profits. It takes a special leader to dream and make the dream come true. But the organization’s strategic plan must stand on its own with solid revenues if the gift does not happen. We are talking about developing two parallel plans.

Does this intrigue you?

Are you an inspired leader who wants to be bold and move your organization to a different place?

Call Freddi to learn more about transformational gifts and see how SageAge can not only help you dream, but also prepare to make that dream a reality. 

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