Top 10 Things to Do before Tax Year’s End for Any Senior Provider


Nov 21, 2013 | Programming & Outreach

  1. Create a special holiday card with resident/client art to send to all the organization’s friends (donors, board members, volunteers, referral sources…). Encourage managers to personalize them. It doesn’t hurt if someone gets three from various managers.
  2. Ask your managers for a holiday wish list – post it on your website and on the local United Way wish list, if one is available in your area.
  3. Call your top 10 donors, from last year who have not given this year, and explain why and how their gift made a difference. Then follow-up with a specific ask letter or a personal visit to ask.
  4. Call five of your most grateful residents/clients who have never donated to your organization to convert their appreciation into cash. Be sure your request relates to why they are so grateful.
  5. Ask someone who has knowledge on this topic, this may be an attorney or accountant on your board, to call your top 25 donors whether they have given this year or not who are over 70 ½. Select those who may not want to take their minimum distributions to explain the IRA distribution exemption allowing direct deposits to not-for-profits that will probably expire after 2013.
  6. Send a year-end letter to all donors whether they have given in 2013 or not – many will give twice if asked. Insert the manager’s holiday wish list in addition to the general ask for unrestricted gifts. I repeat, yes, ask twice.
  7. Purchase holiday thank you gifts – I like to do these at Thanksgiving versus in December – to personally deliver to your top ten to twenty supporters (donors and/or volunteers).
  8. Be sure that every donor letter, publication, thank you and your website have a P.S. or message about remembering your organization in people’s wills. This should be part of an overall Bequest Program – but don’t wait. At least start with this P.S. today.
  9. Make a New Year’s resolution for 2014 to cultivate long standing relations with five people that have the potential to permit you to secure immediate or planned gifts that might transform your organization.
  10. Take time to enjoy the holidays with your residents/clients/staff. Make them all feel appreciated.

Contact Freddi to learn more and receive help to make your year-end efforts yield better results and your fundraising work in 2014 go to a higher level. Whether you have no program or a very sophisticated program, we can all do a better job with current and prospective donors. 

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