Why it Pays to Blog!


Nov 21, 2012 | Social Media & Online

It’s now an accepted fact that having a website presence for your business is standard operating procedure in the e-world of the 21st century. But why are some businesses more successful than others in attracting visits to their website, engaging potential customers and building relationships that turn into sales?

One key reason is the blog – a surefire marketing technique to share your wisdom and boost interest in your website. A company blog has several benefits. It can create increased visitor traffic to your website, provide an excellent platform for making announcements and sharing information about new programs and services, and is highly cost-effective with minimal initial investment required.

In his article, “Four Reasons It Pays to Have a Company Blog“, author, Chris Lee, suggests a blog can help any company build strength in various ways, including the following four:

  • Tying Together Your Online and Offline Efforts
    Using a company blog to promote your community’s offline events can pay huge dividends. If you will be holding an open house, sponsoring an educational event or launching a new service, you can raise awareness in advance by writing some engaging content about it on your blog that is both interesting and informative to your audience, e.g. the female adult children of aging parents, or newly retired senior adults who are looking to downsize and simplify their lives. If they find the content engaging and informative, they may well share it, thereby promoting your event to an even wider audience.
  • Demonstrating Knowledge
    A blog provides the perfect platform for you to demonstrate Thought Leadership and show that your business is “leading edge”. You can use a blog to talk about innovations in your community and all the progressive things your community is doing, e.g. new openings, new services, special accomplishments and honors, new resident-focused processes and systems, and more.
  • Fostering Customer Relationships
    A blog provides the perfect platform for customer outreach and relationship building (CRM). You can present timely, interesting information about your company and also offer special incentives to readers to increase your brand awareness and encourage sales.
  • Boosting SEO Success
    In addition to being a great platform for displaying knowledge and interacting with customers, blogs can help bolster a business’s Search Engine Optimization efforts and thereby boost traffic. As you work to make your blog posts interesting, focus, too, on making them keyword-rich, i.e. words your customers would be searching for.

Essentials to making your blog a success:

  • Post interesting content. Ask yourself, “Would I read this?”
  • Post in time for readers to take action.
  • Post about topical subjects to demonstrate industry knowledge.
  • Engage with customers personally.
  • Promote participation through commenting, competitions, etc.
  • Post at least once a week.

In summary, blogging can be highly instrumental in boosting your website’s success and attracting greater attention to your business. Search engines find content more easily when shared through social media, allowing blog posts, news and events to enter into search rankings quickly and improve your chances of gaining the attention you deserve!

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