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Why Use Social Media?


Apr 16, 2012 | Social Media & Online

Everywhere you go, you’re asked to “like” a company on Facebook, “follow” them on Twitter…while it may have seemed to be just a phase, suffice it to say, social media is here to stay with millions checking in every day to find out what’s new with friends, products, their favorite celebrities, the news and more.

But why?  Who uses it and what is involved? All good questions, and by examining who YOUR audience is and what information is going to be important, mean something to engage your audience in your business, service, or product is paramount to being successful in social media.

Social media allows your company to have more personal communications with customers, prospective customers and even professional peers. This is a form of communication that is more informal in tone.

Let there be no uncertainty here—success via social media means that your social media communications need to be succinct, consistent, and continually engaging to help maintain your brand and interest in what your business is doing to maintain relevance in their industry. Redesigning and changing copy on webpages can be an expensive and timely undertaking. By using social media, it’s quick and easy to update, doesn’t take a lot of time other than creating the content, and can help you reach beyond your traditional marketing and advertising avenues without the expense. And you can update daily, weekly, bi-weekly—whenever! While we might feel information overload at times, we have to think beyond ourselves and remember that we have to keep our brand in front of people as much as possible to maintain interest. You definitely want to be sure not to let too much time lapse between updates or you could risk losing followers. 

Content for your social site can range from information about a new product or service, information relevant to your market or prime audience, industry news or even helpful tips that relate your industry to its target group demographic. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

You will need to promote your Facebook page or Twitter page by finding ways to cross-promote in other traditional means of marketing. Use the icons in emails that link to your pages. Make sure that you have the linked icons on your webpages, advertisements, and don’t forget that once you get followers, you can even use your social media to cross-reference them back to your website. Use the limited amount of space to direct your Twitter followers to Facebook updates, helping to grow followers of both sites. And don’t forget to keep up on new trends and new social media sites. Pinterest is a new social media site that is quickly growing. Finding how new sites operate and how they can be used to help you reach new audiences can help your organization continue to grow and stay fresh.

Technology in marketing may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember that the more you work at it, the easier it will be. For inspiration, find some companies you are familiar with and see what they are doing with their social media sites. From liquor to doughnuts to cars and anything else you can think of, everyone and everything is represented on today’s social media sites.

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