Dynamic Results: Top 5 Things To Do to Make Your Tours More Successful

Jun 23, 2011 | Marketing & Branding

Tours are a significant and strategic marketing and sales opportunity when it comes to the process of gaining a potential move-in. This can be a make or break experience for a prospect, and it’s important to keep some key tactics in mind when preparing to show someone the ins and outs of your community.

1. Model Room– If possible, make sure you have a furnished model room available to show – and visit it before your tour to turn on the lights, air fresheners and/or soft music playing from a radio.  Make the room as appealing and comfortable as possible. 

2. Key Resident Face Time– Arrange an “impromptu” meeting with a key resident who you know has a similar situation or likings as the prospect(s) and give them a few moments to chat.  This helps make your prospect feel comfortable and allows them to begin to create a connection with your community. 

3. The Golden Rule: Sit. Tour. Sit. – Make sure you’re taking the time to sit and talk with a prospectbeforetaking them on the tour so you know exactly what is important to them and you can match their needs with the existing amenities and/or services.  (Remember, you don’t have to show them everything your community offers if you don’t think it would appeal to them!)  And then always take the time to sit down with themafterthe tour to answer any remaining questions they might have.  Be sure they don’t leave with any questions left unanswered or concerns left unaddressed! 

4. Offer a Meal– If possible, suggest the prospect(s) visit during a mealtime so that they can try your food and interact with your residents.  After all, we all know the key to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs! 

5. ‘Thank You’ Gift – Make sure they leave with a nice Thank You gift, whether it’s cookies baked fresh from the kitchen or a nice branded gift set of some sort.  It’s the extra little touch that makes them remember you and your community. 

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