Creative Communications: SageAge Rebrands and Reconnects!

Jun 23, 2011 | Social Media & Online

You know it’s true that when you’re in the marketing biz, sometimes your website is the last to get a touch-up. In other words, and as it should be, clients first. We’re excited to announce that because of our insurmountable amount of free time (…well, that’s a grave exaggeration), we’ve managed to get something new on the surface for you. We feel there are things you should know about SageAge…services that maybe you didn’t know we provided, like our web marketing, social media, and technological strengths, in addition to our already recognized strategic marketing and sales consulting; creative and branding; and communications, advertising, media, and marketing services.

…And on the other hand, there are things we’d like to know about you.

A significant part of our mission has always been to connect with clients, not just execute projects for them. And with that said, we hope you’ll participate in our newsletter. We’ve created it to bring you cutting edge news about the industry, technology, and also educate you on the many facets of senior living in general.

Look forward to connecting. Cheers to a modernized adventure!

The SageAge Team

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